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  1. This is a tribute track to my all time favorite video games: My original intent was to make this a complextro track, however after building the intro I really got into the melodic side of things and decided to try something radically different. The final piece is not based on any game theme per say but rather is a strong nod toward traditional game composition in terms of melody and tonal nature.
  2. Absolutely bad ass! Great job in keeping the original mood of the Jack Wall soundtrack but adding that little extra spice .
  3. @ AngelCityOutlaw Yeah I have always been a fan of the Marvel Comic (Xmen as well). The Domination track is redundant at first because it was originally intended for DJ use, most DJ's would spin stuff that had plenty of time to mix in and out of other songs. I composed it this way back in 1995 (more back story here) and decided to keep the long format for the recent remix. Thanks for the kind words
  4. Since ME2 came out I have received so many emails asking if I was going to do more club music for Mass Effect. For those who don't know the story of how my dance track unknowingly appeared in the lower "Club Afterlife" here is the link to the full story It also spawned hundreds of "Wanna Dance Videos" Anywho I have not been asked for anything new ME3 but I did decide to return to a Mass Effect Club for one last Trance Domination - Rock This Island Mix (Live at the Dark Star) Enjoy
  5. http://youtu.be/HBOwP2RFDhA?hd=1 First off I would like to start by saying this track has no official link to Mass Effect 3, Bioware etc.... I recently played through the Shadow Broker DLC on Mass Effect 2 and being inspired in my rare off time I decided to pull an all nighter and compose "Zorah's Fire" as if I were composing for ME3. Yes, likely I will send it off to the great North and see if the team would want to use it for DLC or the like since I know they already have a composer for the game. Inspired by the amazing Jack Wall Score on ME1 & 2, I decided to step away from my basic trance style and try something a lot more cinematic. From a musical standpoint it really is not that complex but from a sound design standpoint creating the sound scape of this track with a huge arry of VST synths was quite the challenge. I used a number of synthesizers from HG Fortune on this namely "Avatar" and "Protoplasm TSM" http://www.hgf-synthesizer.de/ ; if your into making music I highly recommend these synthesizers. The rest was layer after layer of Reactor 5 user Synths and the sampled strings for that more human feel. I will say that my mind thought a lot about Daft Punk's recording for the new Tron film on this. Ironically it was composed in "Reaper" a wonderful DAW http://www.reaper.fm/ The illustration of Tali'Zorah nar Rayya the "Quarian" was also done by me in Corel Painter. Anyway this is simply for all you die hard Mass Effect Fans out there, consider this a serious piece of fan art.
  6. http://jessejamesallen.bandcamp.com/track/acto-de-fe The first 100% new track I have done in 8 months or so. Just a hard hitting trance track.
  7. Martin, Oh there is no doubt this track has a mid 90's rave element to it, it's 157BPM and remember when I wrote the original I just wanted it to be a take your head off happy hardcore techno track. It's the kind of track I would hear in the club scene in the wee morning hours ya know where everyone is half or fully drunk and the DJ takes the tempos up before breaking it down into another set. Fun stuff. IF Bioware would have given me a choice as to what track of mine to submit for Mass Effect 2 I would have likely chosen: The Infectious Groove or Under Fire These two tracks were written after Lo Fi and I felt had so much more going for them; especially Under Fire...Dark Cinematic and a take your head off back beat (check it out around 1:53 in).
  8. I posted some detail on you tube about the original track that was featured in ME2: So for you Mass Effect 2 Fans here is perhaps one of the oddest "making of stories" you will hear. This track "Lo Fi Epic" (The lower afterlife track) was actually composed for the EA Sports Arena Football game in February of 2006 but never saw the light of day, hitting the cutting room floor after a producer nixed it for being "Too Techno" . The track went into the music archives and lived on the main server network for years. Fast forward to 2010 when I was sitting down with my new copy of Mass Effect 2. I am a huge Mass Effect fan, I had played through version 1 many times. So one can only imagine my reaction when I walked into the lower level of "Club Afterlife" and heard this track... At first I said "hummm that sounds very familiar" then it hit me "Holy crap I wrote that!". Sadly I was not credited in the game for this piece of music but neither was: Saki Kaskas - Callista - Upper Club Afterlife (Originally used in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit) John Morgan - Happiness - Dark Star Lounge Comaduster - To Hide To Seek - Eternity Bar This story got even crazier when I Googled the name of the ME2 planet this music was found on, there was a user on You Tube that had extracted the file from the PC version of the game and identified me as the composer; his video had over 100,000 views with many comments about who wrote it and where they could find it. EA Traxx or whoever passed along the cue to Bioware renamed the track "The Techno Madness Mix" but had left my name in file name or metadata. I had actually met the sound design team for Mass Effect up in Canada during a sound design for video game meeting; Simon Pressy the Mass Effect audio director and I talked at length during that meeting, I expressed my interest and support for their projects. While working on Warhammer I even helped produced some sounds for their games to use. So I can't say I don't know how this all happened but in my wildest dreams I would have never imagined Lo Fi Epic making it into Mass Effect 2 much less the fans reaction to this track (Thank you all). I even got an email from the Mass Effects' main composer Jack Wall that stated he heard so many good things from fans about "Lo Fi Epic" (Of course I am in awe of Jacks score for the game). Hearing "Lo Fi Epic" in game reminds me of the days when I use to have acetates cut of my music and taking it to clubs. That feeling of watching hundreds of people dance to something I created was beyond words... this track in Mass Effect immortalized that feeling for me. Anyway that is the crazy story of Lo Fi Epic and Mass Effect 2.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUKrhOu6e28 The a Remix of a track I made a few years back that gained popularity when the original version was unknowingly featured in the video game "Mass Effect 2" in the lower level of "Club Afterlife" on Omega. I received many, many emails from fans wanting to get a copy of the track since it was unreleased on the ME2 soundtrack after they discovered I wrote it (myself and several other composers were unnamed for musical contributions to the game); Fans discovered my name via metadata after a user extracted Lo Fi Epic from the PC version of ME2 (called the Techno Madness Mix). I decided to rebuild the track from it's original elements and add in additional parts and layers I simply didn't have the technology to add years ago to bring the track back to life and to the fans who have been asking for it for many months. Lyrics "Assuming control of this rave" If you want to download it you can do so here: http://jessejamesallen.bandcamp.com/track/lo-fi-epic-embracing-the-afterlife-mix?permalink
  10. This is an original music composition I did last year. This was put together primarily with sounds created from Native Instruments Reaktor 5, and Kontakt 2. A version of this evil little trance track made an appearance on the NASCAR KART Racing soundtrack for the Nintendo Wii in 2009.
  11. Some very nice melodies in this track, well composed and arranged.
  12. As heard on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Soundtrack
  13. For composition work I use a set of Genelec 8030's (5.1). For gaming a set of Bose AM 10's. I do have a well worn set of AKG headphones but I only use them late at night when others are trying to sleep.
  14. Music is here: A track I did for a PS2 game back in 06. Part heavy metal part electronica. - Enjoy
  15. Good production on this. I really like the over driven bass sound used in this; what synth is that?
  16. Music link: I thought the group here would dig this one for the cool throwback intro. Anthem is a pretty neat track as it escapades across many musical themes and styles. Take a listen.
  17. Cool, reminds me of the band "beats antique". Great sound.
  18. For those of you who purchased MMA from EA Sports today you can select “You shall not pass” as your fighter intro in the game (PS3/360). This is the full extended version not released in the game (the shot version is in there) but I am so excited to finally bring this track public as it is one of my newest creations. Being into martial arts for over a decade I was thrilled to be a part of the MMA game and wanted to create a track that had all the excitement and emotion of a fighter walking into a ring. “You Shall Not Pass” was inspired by tracks from Enigma and dramatic scores such as the HALO soundtrack. I wanted to try a combination of heavy triumphant music with a deep side of ethereal mood as a contrast. This track was primarily made with the IK multimedia sample library (Miroslav Philharmonik) and some custom Reaktor 5 synth goodness I brewed up for the analogue side of things. The drums were a combination of Battery and Lime Light. As with my other tracks they are part of my online portfolio. Due to my contract with EA I am not allowed to sell or provide a download link but you’re welcome to take a listen here any time you wish. Thanks for listening.
  19. That is a pretty sweet track actually, I like the vocoder effects.
  20. Answer: I came at it from the TV and Film side of things, 10 years in post production primarily cleaning up badly recorded dialogue but I had a huge background in original sound design (especially for vehicles). I decided to jump ship from TV/Film and found an ad for EA on Monster.com. I got an email addy from the reply and wrote them every week for about 7 months keeping them up on what I was doing in audio engineering (like an email audio blog). Eventually an opening came around and by chance it was for a racing game so they gave me a call. So first and foremost game companies need sound effect designers/integrators. You gotta love sound design. If you do and you just so happen to be a composer on top of that you can get a full time well paid career at it. I have done 32 AAA games and still every year it is a whole new experience because technology advances so dang fast. You have to love learning as well because it never stops, the industry is always evolving. I do know a few composers that just do music for games/film, they are few and far between and it's very competitive. If you know sound design, location recording, speech editing, audio integration (Lua, Wwise, Fmod, C++) anything like that you will quickly step in front of your competition. If you don't know where to start.. buy Native Instruments Komplete, seriously the best set of sound design tools on the planet. After that download Wwise from Audio Kinetic... Between those two things and a lot of creativity and drive... well you would be on your way. No joke Cheers, JJ
  21. Thanks for the warm welcome all. I have been checking out some of the other music here, good stuff indeed.
  22. Awesome stuff! Some mad guitar skills there.
  23. Nice, the intro has that classic Roland pad sound to it and a pretty sweet breakdown in the end. I would say to add separation you may try things with a decent sized verb on the pad for depth and bring the drums in closer to mono. Mix: A slight bump in the mid to high eq and a tight notch drop around 200HZ will let the bottom end breath. You are on your way.
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