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  1. Welcome fellow Reason 5 user. Do you use it with record too?

  2. Be afraid of people who are not willing to admit they are wrong. Not knowing, and admitting it makes you stronger than many people who believe they can stop learning because they reached a certain point. The greatest people aren't the ones who compete with the entire world. The greatest people are the ones who compete with themselves.
  3. I can definitely hear the Deadmau5 influence. Do you any other electronica tracks? The OCR judges do have high standards, and although it sucks sometimes, the challenge makes remixers better remixers as well as better musicians.
  4. I can give it one of those two a shot. Need practice.
  5. I was messing around with the Love theme from Mother 3. Would love to give it a whirl. Any particular style?
  6. Hi there! Been listening to remixes for a long time, just have never made them. Have a copy of Reason 5 I need to run through its paces. Any requests? -AK
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