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  1. Wow, what a great mix of a memorable track from one of my favorite Mario games. You deserve a podium I added the track in my playlist for the intro video of my twitch streams. Keep it up, thanks for your work! Greetings from The Netherlands.
  2. Wow, great sound. LOVE IT ! High tech version of a game worth playing. Goes into the personal playlist! Keep it up
  3. Hi, thanks for your work on this version of one of the best games I've played back in the day. I really liked the classical influence, the violin strings and piano instruments. Keep it up, you're making my day Greetings from The Netherlands!
  4. Hi, great work with this musical materpiece! I really liked the 80's style instruments. Thanks for your work!
  5. Wow, great work ... just listened to this remix for the first time... goosebumps! Really... really NICE! Keep it up! Thanks for your work.
  6. Man, I really really like this mix. I am listening to OCRemix for quite some time now and I like chiptunes! Thanks for this mix, I really enjoyed it. It's already in my best game music playlist on my phone! Greetings from Woutie, The Netherlands.
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