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  1. Late to the party but gotta take off my hat for this PURE AWESOME remix. I love everything about it, and its a lot that is going on in this ❤️
  2. Final Fantasy VIII - Dancefloorphans https://open.spotify.com/track/1kvspJzbA2tf0VNfs8QfdW?si=f76231f01f1d40c2 Final Fantasy X - Welcome to Pixeland https://open.spotify.com/track/3QiCHJcpsX15vabLNhGO9o?si=63049838153b4c61 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Dancing Bossanova https://open.spotify.com/track/5wIm9ymp41BE16YNg6LepQ?si=6e7140bdf5bf417c
  3. Original: Castle Crashers - Four Brave Champions.mp3
  4. I have started working on "Truth" and hope I can make it before deadline.
  5. Filled out the form and hope many will join on doing the same so you get some feedback ❤️
  6. I have heard other things regarding Nintendo that they are super hard with their copyright but I have a Super Mario World remix that I have on youtube, as well as music streaming platforms as Spotify etc and I have not had any issues and its been up for some years now. First I had the Super Mario World logo on the cover image and that got taken down instantly but the remix was still allowed. (or at least it has been this far)
  7. Personaly I normaly prefer a bit more speed in the song but in this case I am totaly in love with this song. I cant place what exaclty it is about it but it a well done remix that can be played over and over without getting repetitious or boring. Well done.
  8. I liked the entire track but I LOVED the second part of the song (1:45+) with the original elements that still had the same feeling as the original song. Great work ❤️
  9. Just pure awesomeness. Love the original but love your version even more ❤️ I would say that they only thing still need a bit more work is some of the transitions that should be going smother but I know that it is one of the last thing I do before a song is finished as well and since you have posted it as a preview I am guessing this will be better before release. But overall I love the tune.
  10. I get what you mean. This is one of the hardest songs that I have remixed and I did my best .
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