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  1. This is soo late, but I've been listening to this song on repeat for two days and I just have to have some sort of sheet music or tutorial for it! Do you or anyone on here transcribe? Please contact me on the Kyle Landry piano forum, I'm Krystal Sharz (easy to find I'm online most days and there arn't many people on that site)
  2. Nope, I haven't played it either. I actually don't like war/first person shooters like that. But soundtracks are something completly different! Love this one!
  3. Great remix! Loved it from beginning to end! Sad there aren't many for Halo...
  4. This remix is sooo good! Honestly, you are a genius! I'm gonna download this right now....
  5. Just like Stompa, I made an account just to post that this is one of the top five songs I've heard on OCRemix so far!
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