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  1. Long time OCR member and album contribution veteran @Dj Mokram has officially joined the project, taking the Pyramid source. It's really nice to see this album coming together with a mixture of old skool remixers and some of the newer contributors to the site. I've been lax with my weekly updates (mainly because I'm not entirely sure what day it is half the time) but I'd like to thank everyone who's joined the album project so far as well as those who have taken the time to just check out this thread. Let's see what the coming weeks bring!
  2. Done. I've only linked to tracks that are still available, for obvious reasons
  3. Yet more fresh blood joining the album, @about:blank has claimed Fire Eyes. This whole things is really starting to come together!
  4. A newcomer to the PLT project; @brink-of-time has joined the party, picking up the Ivor Tower Town source. Welcome aboard!
  5. Love me some metal Mega Man. The production on this is top-notch and the arrangement is absolutely killer. More, please!
  6. Ahoy! We've managed to hook a big contributing artist for this next one; @djpretzel has agreed to come aboard and take on the Pirates of Crustacia!
  7. All these years later and this is still an absolute favourite of mine. The production, the arrangement, the excellent use of SFX at the start of the track, everything is just perfect. I love the guitar tone and the synths used throughout, after the intro the overall feel of the track isn't dissimilar to that of Dragonforce.
  8. WEEK 1 UPDATE The first week of the project has already passed and I've got to say; I'm pretty impressed with the uptake so far. It's no secret that the forums aren't quite as busy as they used to be, so having 6 claimed tracks (with a few more interested parties currently communicating via IM) is a huge confidence boost for us here at PLT HQ (that being @Drawn by Dai and myself). We’ll be upping recruitment by actively reaching out to remixers on OCR and Discord, to try and fill out those gaps in the tracks; so if you’re reading this and are interested but shy about contributing, just drop us an IM. We’ll start chatting, it’s really that straightforward. Also, if you know somebody who might like to take part, please go ahead and point them here!
  9. @Manji has chosen Elephant Graveyard as his source and officially joined the album project! Huzza!
  10. @rebrained has picked up the Omntopia Surface source, much to our collective delight! Happy to have you back, buddy!
  11. @HoboKa has returned to the PLT collective and picked up Boss Theme 1. Welcome back, dude!
  12. @Clement Panchout has officially joined the project! Great to have you back on-board, dude! Also, @Jean Of mArc has agreed to return and has picked up the Intro Credits source. Welcome back, Jean-Marc!
  13. Done and dusted. Welcome aboard, @NyxTheShield!
  14. **CANCELLED** Interested in picking up this project? Drop a DM to Trism ALBUM PROJECT: Paths Less Travelled: Secret of Evermore Project Director: FINAL COMPLETED SUBMISSION DEADLINE: TBC PROPOSED ALBUM RELEASE: TBC Current Remixers: NyxTheShield, rebrained, Manji, djpretzel, brink-of-time, about:blank, Dj Mokram, Argle, TSori, Siolfor the Jackal, theconsoloist, Trism Current Performers: Trev (violin), TSori (trumpet) Sound Designers/Audio Support: Chimpazilla STATEMENT REGARDING JEREMY SOULE HERE - PROJECT CONCEPT - Howdy folks, we’re back! Hot on the heels of the previous album, we’re raring to go at another. We’re doing Paths Less Travelled Volume 2! For those who missed the first instalment, PLT is a series of albums paying homage to overlooked and underrated games from yesteryear. Whether it be from poor marketing, limited localisation or plain bad timing, we celebrate the gems that undeservedly missed the limelight. Volume 1 covered a little-known game, originally available only in Asia & Europe, named Terranigma and was RELEASED in December 2019. The game we’ll be bringing to the forefront this time is: Secret of Evermore is an RPG released on the SNES by Squaresoft on October 1, 1995. With gameplay and a menu system reminiscent to the hugely successful Secret of Mana, it featured real-time battles, ring-shaped displays, and the ability to switch control between characters. This is where similarities ended. Unlike its similarly-named cousin, Secret of Evermore is unique in that it is the only game developed by Squaresoft of America, a small studio beholden to the Japanese parent company. Secret of Evermore was their first and only title. It did not receive a release in Japan. While the game was generally very well received by reviewers upon its release, it was criticised for not being even similar to Secret of Mana in story or art direction, an expectation likely exacerbated by their similar game titles. Secret of Evermore is a curiously dark tale following a cinema-obsessed boy and his dog as they fight their way through a virtual world gone awry, filled with characters and locations from the neolithic era to the far future. Think The Goonies x Last Action Hero x Bill and Ted in 90’s RPG form. And the dog can shapeshift. You should play it. This game also marks the debut of Jeremy Soule, who got the job straight out from composition studies on the back of a demo cassette. Jeremy has gone on to score and compose music for modern classics Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (amongst many, many others). His debut directly utilises environmental and ambient soundscapes to emphasise the feelings of loneliness and exploration. This technique was hardly ever implemented in gaming at the time; and was used to great effect alongside the more traditional music to be expected in an RPG; using the sound of nature to actively enhance an already atmospheric score. Here is a link to the selected soundtrack. The track order has been randomised: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKu09f66XIaTvXnXFQUPFQvY0NoxjlcpL And here’s a link to the midi files. Unfortunately they have slightly different titles: https://www.khinsider.com/midi/snes/secret-of-evermore - WHAT WE NEED - GENERAL ROLES ▪Arrangers/Remixers: This is where the bulk of the recognisable work will be. We need folks to claim tracks and conjure them into beautiful remixes. ▪Live Musicians: Performers who are experienced with any type of instrument and have a high-quality recording setup. We would like to get quality live performers on remixes in every instance where remixer's sample quality “isn’t quite there”. Put simply, there are Quality Control standard requirements for the official OCR stamp ▪Cover Artist: Speaks for itself, really. We need someone to create art for the album. - THE SPECIFICS - Claiming & Auditioning: All remixers wishing to claim a track should PM me or comment on the thread about any they are interested in and we'll go from there. If you are not a posted remixer, please PM some of your completed work. It needn't be a remix, but something that demonstrates the quality of your skills. Once a track is claimed, a first deadline will be set that is reasonable. We're keeping it casual at the moment, stricter requirements will be implemented as the project progresses. While we want to do this right, there’s no pressure early on. However. If nothing is heard from you in a reasonable time after contact is attempted, you will be dropped from the project and your track will revert to ‘unclaimed’. Genre Guidelines: There is no genre one should adhere to when remixing tracks for the album, A central theme in the album, as with the game, will be the use of environmental effects. You are NOT required to use any of that stuff in any way, but we WOULD like your blessing to allow us to implement some at the mixing stage. Now hold on! We very well may not, but if we do, it will be with soundscapes created specifically for the album; and used both sympathetically and subtly, to convey a greater sense of atmosphere to the album overall. If you’ve got a specific idea for a track, by all means run it by us, We’re open to ideas. Flexible Deadlines: Deadlines will be handled on a case-by-case basis at first, and based on the preference of the remixer, we're not trying to rush things here. Try to maintain contact with us, We know things are scary in the world at the moment. We’re really easy. - CORE TRACK LIST - Black - Unclaimed Track Red - Track Claimed, no submission Orange - Concept Submitted Yellow - WIP submitted Green- Significant WIP submitted Blue - Finished Track submitted Purple - Finished and Mastered Track Main Title - theconsoloist Storekeepers Boss Theme 2 Pirates of Crustacia - djpretzel Elephant Graveyard - Manji Boss Theme 1 Fire Eyes - about:blank Intro Credits Freak Show! Merchant in the Cave Horace - Argle Collossia Chamber 1 Ivor Tower Side Chambers - TSori Pyramid - Dj Mokram Control Room Ivor Tower Town - brink-of-time Ivor Tower Castle Podunk, 1995 Puppet Show Final Battle Carltron - Siolfor the Jackal Queen Bluegarden Collosia Chamber 2 - Trism Tinker Ebon Keep Town Escape Ebon Keep Castle - NyxTheShield Omnitopia Surface - rebrained Fields of Gothic Flying So… all that’s left to be said is welcome aboard and get claiming!
  15. Vote saved! There is a [INSERT DEITY HERE]!
  16. halc is back! There is a small light in all this darkness after all! Amazing comeback track; feels like a subtle, natural evolution of the 9-bit style we all know and love.
  17. I've got something cooking. Face will be meted!
  18. Oh wow, Mixing with the Stars! I had completely forgotten about that!
  19. My god. Instant flashbacks as soon as that theme started. Wowzers.
  20. @HoboKa The title of my track was ARPologies, not apologies. It was a pun on how many friggin' arpeggio's I used in the track
  21. Voted successfully (I think?) Excellent turnout everybody!
  22. Ah well, Planarian won anyway (and rightly so!) so it doesn't matter to much.
  23. I have submitted an entry, or entered a submission if you prefer.
  24. It would be extremely impressive to do a remix on a Fisher-Price keyboard
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