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  1. I loved this remix of Chrono Trigger. I have been a fan of kLutZ since accidentally stumbling across his website while searching for mp3s of Chrono Cross. (He has two, by the way, which are excellent remixes of Another World theme and People Imprisoned by Destiny), and had no idea until now that he was on OCRemix... I'm gonna go get the other songs now! (and send in the non-piano remixes too klutz!)
  2. I love this song! In fact, I believe this is the first (maybe second) time I've posted on a remix. I listened to the "Reiterated Inspiration" on SquAredance, and found that this was quite a bit like it. I'm going now to look for more Peeples music on this site!
  3. Typically, with a great song like this from a great game like Guardian Legend, you don't think it can get any better. But this mix sounds great, a little Nintendoish, but more so. It is nice and technoy. I love it... If only I could download it... but we don't have the net at home, and the school doesn't give you enough space. Great mix, though, and I hope there's more coming...
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