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  1. Wow, this is so beautiful. Reminds me of the style used by one of my fave VGM composers, Yasuhisa Watanabe (Border Down, etc). Excellent work! This went straight to my fave mixes playlist.
  2. Earth Kid has a beautiful voice. Incredible work!
  3. Geez, ANOTHER bangin rock cover of another all-time great piece of VGM?! Although it's definitely been covered in rock style before, I'd say this is probably different enough to appease even the peeps who live, eat and breathe VGM covers.
  4. God, I love synthwave. Not crazy about the vocals, though--especially those high notes.
  5. One of the highlights of the album for me. So jazzy
  6. Woah, that's a lot of contributing artists! This totally makes me think of Joe Hisaishi's overworld BGM for Ni no Kuni. Well done!
  7. I like the potential of this folksy remix but I think it could've benefited from a crescendo at some point. It just seems to kinda meander but not really go anywhere all that interesting
  8. This definitely goes down as one of the most unique Zelda's lullaby covers I've ever heard. I dig it <3
  9. It's really good if you like screamo metal...I don't, unfortunately
  10. Very chill & the dreamy vocals are superb. Is it just me or does the vocalist sound like a dead ringer for Adriana F. (adrisaurus)?
  11. And the award for chiptune excellence goes to... (This seriously made it into my faves folder, it's that good)
  12. The erhu sounds so beautiful. This site could use more variety in instrumentation and here you have it!
  13. Fairly generic & repetitive electronica but it's good if you're into that sort of thing.
  14. I like parts of this, but most of it is kinda boring for my tastes. The first 2 minutes are unnecessary IMO since I've never been a fan of long song intros. I'd just prefer a shortened "radio edit" version of this mix
  15. A total pleasure to listen to. Thanks for making this so good!
  16. This is some damn clever & dreamy synth awesomeness. Love it!
  17. This is why Sir Nuts is one of my fave remixers--even though I have no familiarity with the source tune, I knew anything coming from the 'Nuts would be bangin'! XD
  18. Ah, classic Sega music--some of my fave stuff. I dig this a lot--way to go, girl!
  19. I love that spacey sound that comes in at 2:15. Well done!
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