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  1. Definitely a different take on this song. It's not really my thing, though. I didn't like the way the guitar sounded.
  2. You definitely don't hear many MM mixes like this. I really like it. Very RPG-esque
  3. Not my cup of tea but at least it's something different
  4. Very mellow and the songs all fit together well. I dig it
  5. A very interesting direction to take this song in. I think making a more uptempo song into a slow one can often be a bad idea but this really works well. I like it
  6. Kudos for covering a catchy little number that rarely gets mixed. I dig it, altho it's more straight-forward than I would normally like.
  7. You sure picked something obscure to remix here! I have no familiarity with the source but still I can still really dig the Sultans of Swing vibe. I really like it!
  8. Nice debut! It's always good to see more underrated source material get some coverage and the DDR series is a good one to explore. This mix sounds really reminiscent of the DKC Osts to me--I'm getting a real "Fear Factory" vibe here.
  9. Doesn't get much better than this. Awesome mix. I also really liked the short original section at 2:00
  10. I find the 2nd half of this song much better and more interesting than the first. It's great to see something get remixed from an underloved game
  11. Easily one of the best if not THE best Hydrocity cover ever. So epic
  12. A solid, pleasing remix with some clever humor. It's ab-solutely worth a listen
  13. I had to listen carefully to hear the FF8 part of this. It was worked in very subtly. Nice job
  14. I don't see what's the big deal with the violin. It sounds great to me and was the highlight of the song. Great mix!
  15. Don't think I've ever heard a piano mix from BK. I enjoyed it enough altho I personally would've liked to see a lot of songs from BK covered before this kinda dull one
  16. So freakin cool. If Sonic 1 ever got remade, this needs to be on the soundtrack. I like the little improv section too
  17. Another great track from the SoM album (which I'd rate as like the 2nd best remix album on OCR). I don't recognize the source tune at all but this is still great and the hip hop lyrics are a real highlight for me.
  18. Ah, so damn smooth - starting the BotW remixes off with a bang. Although I can appreciate how the voice clips were used to give this song a story, I found most of them annoying. IMO, it would have been so much better if you had applied some effects to the voices like distortion or that DJ scratching thing since a funk track is basically begging for that. Still, this is totes going on my fave remix playlist. Well done!
  19. I'm very familiar with the OST of SMRPG but I can only barely recognize the source tune here even after listening closely. It's a nice, soothing song in its own right but I would hesitate to call this a remix...
  20. I definitely dig the latter part of this song with that cool crescendo and the spooky chanting
  21. Hate to say it but there's already so many remixes of this song (over 15 on this site alone) that I have zero interest in listening to this one. Please remix other songs from the great DKC OST! Stop beating this one to death!
  22. I'm gonna have to disagree about the previously made complaints about the vocals. I actually liked them because of how they add to the chillness of the track. One of my fave tracks from the album
  23. I really liked this. You don't see Ridge Racer remixes hardly ever. This is definitely a worthy one
  24. Wow, so many people contributed to the album. So many haunting tracks. The Ecco series was totally unique and this album stirs up the ole nostalgia and makes me wish for this series to make a comeback
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