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  1. lemnlime

    OCR03863 - Shovel Knight "More Might"

    Things really come full circle when this site posts remixes of VGM tunes composed by VGM remixers! I love virt's music and this is a great cover
  2. Can't review this without comparing it to the same song on the FFVIII piano collections. This is a bit slower than I'd like but I guess it's a bit romantic because of that so if that's your thing, maybe you'd prefer this to the piano collection version
  3. A clever reinvention of a classic!
  4. I usually avoid Terra's theme covers b/c I've heard enough of them to last me a lifetime but this mix deserves kudos for actually doing something different. I like how it's played faster than normal too
  5. Definitely one of the more unique mixes I've heard. This site totally needs more accordion
  6. lemnlime

    OCR03826 - Suikoden III "Home Again"

    The highlight of the album for me. The lyrics really add a lot.
  7. This is so different from anything I've heard before. I really like it! Reminds me a little of Toejam and Earl.
  8. If you like chiptunes, I don't see how you could possibly dislike this! So good!
  9. Solid work! Would fit nicely onto a piano collection
  10. A pleasant little song. I enjoyed it
  11. One of the more memorable songs from the remix album for sure. I dig it.
  12. Excellent use of chiptunes on display here
  13. lemnlime

    OCR03783 - Final Fantasy X "Fayth in You"

    I really like this. It's what I'd imagine the result would be if someone was told to make the hymn sound more like FF5's overworld theme.