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  1. The erhu sounds so beautiful. This site could use more variety in instrumentation and here you have it!
  2. Fairly generic & repetitive electronica but it's good if you're into that sort of thing.
  3. I like parts of this, but most of it is kinda boring for my tastes. The first 2 minutes are unnecessary IMO since I've never been a fan of long song intros. I'd just prefer a shortened "radio edit" version of this mix
  4. A total pleasure to listen to. Thanks for making this so good!
  5. About as folksy as a song gets... Well done!
  6. This is some damn clever & dreamy synth awesomeness. Love it!
  7. This is why Sir Nuts is one of my fave remixers--even though I have no familiarity with the source tune, I knew anything coming from the 'Nuts would be bangin'! XD
  8. Ah, classic Sega music--some of my fave stuff. I dig this a lot--way to go, girl!
  9. I love that spacey sound that comes in at 2:15. Well done!
  10. Sir Nuts rarely disappoints. Great stuff!
  11. Very enjoyable! It's always a pleasure hearing Earth Kid's harps & vocals.
  12. Definitely very strange...in a good way, lol. Thanks a ton for releasing 7 freakin' hours of VGM cover awesomeness for the low low price of free!