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  1. So groovy. I don't think it's possible to dislike a track like this!
  2. lemnlime

    OCR03755 - Zelda 2 "Do You Need a Light?"

    I like the d'n'b flair here. Well done!
  3. A very non-traditional remix. I dig it.
  4. This is definitely one of the more imaginative Metroid mixes around. I really like this reinvention of the title theme. Good work!
  5. lemnlime

    OCR03751 - Super Mario RPG "Riptide Rush"

    Very awesome and fun. One of my fave tracks from the album.
  6. lemnlime

    OCR03750 - Final Fantasy VII "Cosmo"

    YESSSSSS! More McV is always a reason to celebrate!! TBH, this isn't gonna make it on my long list of fave McV mixes, but it's still totally worth the listen nonetheless
  7. A solid rock track. I enjoyed it.
  8. Definitely a different take on this song. It's not really my thing, though. I didn't like the way the guitar sounded.
  9. You definitely don't hear many MM mixes like this. I really like it. Very RPG-esque
  10. Not my cup of tea but at least it's something different
  11. lemnlime

    OCR03727 - OutRun "Final Ride"

    Very mellow and the songs all fit together well. I dig it
  12. A very interesting direction to take this song in. I think making a more uptempo song into a slow one can often be a bad idea but this really works well. I like it
  13. Kudos for covering a catchy little number that rarely gets mixed. I dig it, altho it's more straight-forward than I would normally like.
  14. lemnlime

    OCR03700 - Cannon Fodder "Cannon Straits"

    You sure picked something obscure to remix here! I have no familiarity with the source but still I can still really dig the Sultans of Swing vibe. I really like it!
  15. Nice debut! It's always good to see more underrated source material get some coverage and the DDR series is a good one to explore. This mix sounds really reminiscent of the DKC Osts to me--I'm getting a real "Fear Factory" vibe here.