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  1. I think Mariachi Entertainment System did this song better because some trumpet goes well with this track but I really like the improv-ing at the 1 minute mark
  2. If you're gonna do a track that's been done a million times before, this is how you do it right. The style is unlike anything I've heard before for this song. Very original! But the "sexy" tag? Really? 🤨
  3. I love how the vocals match & compliment the groove. Very hypnotic
  4. This is so gnarly & tubular! Now you got me picturing Link as a surfer dude. Missed opportunity in Wind Waker, eh? Cowabunga!
  5. What a banger! It's basically exactly what you'd expect a nightclub version of the Gerudo Town song to sound like
  6. You definitely win points for originality for covering something that's hardly been covered before. This would fit right into an OOT remake if we ever get lucky enough to have one.
  7. This would have fit right into the first Hyrule Warrior OST
  8. Awesome. Makes me want a chill version of every good VGM song out there!
  9. Woah, so good! This reminds me of the Radio DC album and those medleys you would often hear during the credits of Sega games.
  10. Beautiful! One of the least covered FF7 songs even though it's a great one
  11. If there's one thing this world needs, it's more Earthworm Jim mixes! This certainly delivers
  12. The world needs more spooky funk. This one's going in on the faves playlist!
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