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  1. One of the more memorable songs from the remix album for sure. I dig it.
  2. Excellent use of chiptunes on display here
  3. lemnlime

    OCR03783 - Final Fantasy X "Fayth in You"

    I really like this. It's what I'd imagine the result would be if someone was told to make the hymn sound more like FF5's overworld theme.
  4. Not too shabby...I always thought SS was one of the weaker Zelda OSTs but I still like this mix enough
  5. Well here's something a little different. I like this take on the song. The style works particularly well with a track like this
  6. lemnlime

    OCR03775 - Sonic Mania "Ruby Distortions"

    This may be the most meta mix on the site. Not my fave Sonic mix but it's still good.
  7. Can't believe how gorgeous this sounds. Nice work
  8. A different take on the Forest Temple theme. Well done
  9. lemnlime

    OCR03771 - Final Fantasy X "Revelation"

    So classy. I'd love to see some of Materia Collective's work put on CD someday since I'm not a big fan of paying for non-physical media.
  10. lemnlime

    Is there a station that plays random songs from ocremix?

    You could also go to the OCR youtube channel and put it on shuffle.
  11. Yet another amazing track from the awesome SoM arrange album. This one is pure fun with plenty of variety.
  12. lemnlime

    OCR03761 - Undertale "Gaster's Legacy"

    I've heard more than my share of Undertale mixes. While this one's pretty creative and different, I still wouldn't call it one of my faves.
  13. So groovy. I don't think it's possible to dislike a track like this!