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  1. The world needs more spooky funk. This one's going in on the faves playlist!
  2. I was sold as soon as I saw the synthwave tag. This doesn't disappoint!
  3. When you start with a song as good as Steam Gardens, it's almost guaranteed you'll have a winner. I think this goes on a little longer than necessary but it's good nonetheles
  4. Woah, I just stepped into a Renaissance fair! Very nice, I definitely prefer the flourishes in this over the somewhat bland source tune
  5. Sega Sound Team produced some genuine bangers for its racing games. Awesome cover!
  6. LOL, I wouldn't bat an eye to hear this at a dance club. So good!
  7. Very melodic & catchy! I could really go for some more of this genre
  8. Definitely a by-the-numbers mix, but it's appreciated nonetheless. The flute does add some oomph to the song if nothing else
  9. This is one of those covers that you could totally play in a crowd and not a single person would have a clue that it was a VGM cover. Awesome work!
  10. Woah! Willrock manages to live up to his name yet again! This kicks so much a$$
  11. More metal + Megaman...I mean, c'mon, who doesn't like it?
  12. I downloaded this because of how much I loved Neighburgers and was hoping for more of the same. This is pretty awesome too in its own spooky little way
  13. It's hard to do a bad Secret of the Forest remix, but this is exemplary nonetheless!
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