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  1. This is what I'd expect a Sakuraba cover of this song to sound like!
  2. Woah! Best FFT cover I've probably ever heard. Sounds very professional, like something that should be on one of S-E's many arrange compilations. This goes right into my fave covers playlist. The transition between the songs is so fluid.
  3. One of the best Stickerbrush covers I've ever heard! Sounds pretty synthwave-y and like it could fit in well with a racing game. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this song!
  4. Woah, I did not expect this to go that hard. Impressive!
  5. The first world's BGM definitely stands out as particularly hypnotic. Baba & You is one of the cleverest puzzle games of this century and I was literally just playing it after randomly finding out I already had it in my Steam library. I probably got it from some Humble Bundle eons ago. Don't skip over it just b/c it's ugly!
  6. The world cannot have enough Mining Melancholy covers (especially funky ones like this). Thank you for NOT doing Aquatic Ambience!
  7. Willrock once again proves that his name is no mere hyperbole by kicking some major ass on an already amazing song
  8. This isn't what springs to mind when I think of synthwave but it's still an awesome electronica tune ?
  9. For a tune that doesn't actually stand out much in the great FFVI OST, I have seriously loved it ever since the amazing Quinn Fox cover. I like how this cover adds a choral quality and makes it even more zen.
  10. Soooo good! Sounds like some of the best battle music from Undertale/Deltrarune.
  11. The part starting at 2:57 is easily the best. It seriously gives me chills
  12. So adorable & fun! The lyrics really add a lot here. Even 20+ years later, Squinoa is still one of my fave couples ?
  13. Nobody would bat an eye if this played at a nightclub!
  14. I love this! I'm totally on board with more mariachi VGM covers (and other obscure-ish genres). Mariachi Entertainment System does nothing but mariachi covers and they're one of my fave VGM cover bands/artists.
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