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  1. djpretzel I do a fair amount of video editing so, that's my excuse for having so many games heh. http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/Katarn23
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone's checked out one of the contestants for Valves Portal Music Video contest(It's over now I believe) but I just came across the video and thought it was really well done and wanted to share. "Exile, Vilify" - by The National. Check it out -
  3. Hey guys, You're posting some really great stuff. I've been getting into a lot of vocal trance lately and two of my favorite vocalist are: Emma Hewitt(Live Forever, Light, I Will Be The Same, No Goodbyes), and Tiff Lacey(Should've Known, Ecstacy, Open Your Heart). A few other good songs I enjoy are: My Mind Is With You(W&W Remix), Black Is The New Yellow - Super8 & Tab, Forgive me - Daniel Kandi, So High(Martin Roth Remix), Forbidden Paradise(Deep Trance Mix) - Tiesto, Vanilla(Original Mix) - Tydi, as someones mentioned, Infected Mushroom's good stuff along with: Gareth Emery, Tiesto, Robert Miles, Serge Devant, Alex MORPH, Van Buuren, ATB, Above and beyond and I could go on because I love Trance and other forms of electronic music but hope you find something you like man.
  4. I'm eagerly awaiting its release as well. I pre-ordered the Augmented Edition on Steam, not a bad deal, it packs quite a few goodies; the soundtrack and "The Making of" video being two of them. The facial animations and body movements looked somewhat dated on the visual front but I think the gold tint, reflections and physics are looking rather good, they're also using DX11 and tessellation so that's pretty cool. From a few interview videos I've seen, the sound design team, scriptwriters and designers really seem like their putting tons of effort into making Human Revolution as close to the original as possible while maintaining a new feel and experience. I'm psyched.
  5. Absolutely awesome, I love the Phendrana drifts rendition. Hopefully it's not too long before we hear another Metroid announcement from Nintendo. Thanks for posting the link.