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  1. It is a bit rough, and it seems like it's missing something still, but that is quite good indeed. One thing I notice is that you start off with this really neat acoustic guitar that then just... seems to disappear. Maybe bring it back around the 1.28 mark, once it seems to create a faux crescendo, of sorts, bring it in as a background instrument complementing the harp. Give it a test, see if it works. The other thing I noticed is around the 3:26 mark. It lacks "punch", impact if you will. Like, you're going with this really melodic and calm music, that sort of dies down into a complete quiet (in a good way), then comes exploding back! But it's missing that impact, that punch of coming back stronger, if you know what I mean. Like, the idea I get in my head is of someone sitting in a beach, either actually dying or just falling asleep, or whatever in that mood.. Like, the whole world is going out... Then bam! Everything comes back stronger than ever! And it feels like it's missing that emphasis. I'm not sure how you could help that impact though, but maybe pump up the drums a little more. Not in speed, in power. Get them resonating and filling the air, like the heart beat of the world to your music. Some violins could probably go in like magic too (maybe cello?). If not through the whole music, just for that final part. As a minor annotation, during the final flute part, there are two notes that seem to stand out too much (3:39... guessing 3:39:40-ish...just eyeballing). It's not a deal breaker at all, but if you could smooth those out, it would be even better. That said, that's just my fairly amateur opinion on it. As it is it's very good and extremely relaxing, and I'm definitely downloading for some good relaxation time. Good job.
  2. I know it's been said a million times, and such, but this is easily the best music I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot. I don't even know where to begin... The idea I get is that those involved simply sought to make a great remix and accidentally made the best piece of audio ever. It's just... yeah. I can't find any criticism for it. It has in insurmountable feeling/emotional punch, even without any lyrics (which honestly it doesn't need at all). The execution is flawless, or at the very least close enough to flawless for any mistakes to elude me completely, and I can't think of any possible way to make this better. Please note that I'm not even a megaman fan in any way. So I'm just judging this as an incredible music. There really is nothing else I can say about this besides it's perfect, so I'll instead make a suggestion: If there any fans out there of Transmetropolitan, put this music playing while you read it. Particularly during the final part of the first arch (3rd book for normal volumes, last part of the first book for the special edition), start it right at the part when Spider sits on the rooftop and starts writing. It's almost like it was tailor made.
  3. Ok, let's try this again, since last time I wrote an entire review only for the website to decide "no u", glitch out, and eat my post. Lovely. Anyways, first the negative bit: In the video some parts seem to be either desynched, or different from the actual sound. I'm not exactly a guitar player, but some of the things seem "off", which make it a bit awkward. Still great though. The music, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant. I've always preferred Megadeth's version to Grabbag. I find that the heavier and "rawer" tune is much more Duke-like. So, obviously, this metal revamp of Grabbag is right up my particular alley. I'm particularly fond of it starts with a very soft and melodic, almost ballad-like, tune, does a small crescendo, then breaks into the heavier part to the sound of Jon St. John's iconic one liner: "Let's rock". Speaking of which, I like the inclusion of a couple of classic Duke lines in there, cause it's not really a proper Duke Theme without it. When I first wrote this, I jokingly referred that another negative point was the absence of a download, as I was therefore unable to enjoy this "on the go" with proper quality. That's been fixed since, so... That's that. Really good music, more melodic than Megadeth's, which isn't necessarily bad as it's definitely carrying the full spirit of the Duke, more so than the original Grabbag I'd venture. Great concept, great execution... Should totally be in DNF. Hail to the king baby!
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