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  1. D:< Wow. That's just sad. Those people have no respect. Or taste.
  2. There's nothing at all wrong with your feedback. ^^ As for the choir, I'll definitely try messing with it to get a cleaner sound at some point. I hadn't even thought of reducing the reverb (which was built into the synth, by the way, but I CAN edit it).
  3. The choir actually sounded a lot muddier in the first version, before I high-pass-filtered it. You are going by the second version, right? I know the snare's kinda light, but part of the reason I left it that way in V2 is that the last section needed more oomph, and I accomplished that in part by using more powerful drums in the ending. Again, that's only in V2.... I know the bass leaves something to be desired in terms of power, but one thing about me is I take pride in using non-generic basslines. I could easily use the root note of the chord, leaving the bass strong but boring. However, I prefer the satisfaction I get from making the bass its own complex, symphonic instrument. That's not to say I don't value your feedback -- I do, very much -- I just disagree. ;P Thank you for the in-depth critique! ^^
  4. Hmmm... If there is a second one on the way, hold a spot open for my upcoming metal medley of the Regi trio and Deoxys battle themes. I think it'll blow your socks to the horizon if I can get it sounding like I want. *rubs hands together with mischievous smile*
  5. It's really good! I think it'll make the cut, if not the MissingNo. Tracks. ^^
  6. e_O I certainly hope so. Wasn't the album marked as "complete" like two years ago? Maybe I'm thinking of something else, but I thought that album was due in 2008...
  7. I just discovered recently the wonders of applying high pass filters to low sounds and low pass to high -- even if it seems unnecessary, it actually makes the mix a lot less muddy=sounding! ^^ I'll have to go and mix the songs I've got a little better at some point. Right now, I'm still fretting over coming up with 6 new original tunes for the RPM Challenge by the end of the month. @___@
  8. Nice work! I think this just might be up to snuff for submission to OCR -- and there's only FOUR Pokémon ReMixes in the archive, so that would be a momentous occasion! ^^
  9. Here's the first two songs that came to mind when you said you're a pool attendant. This Treasure by TheGuitahHeroe-- Brand new remix of the Abandoned Ship theme from Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Hydrophone Breakdown by JigginJonT -- An old remix of the underwater theme from Final Fantasy VII. If I think of any more, I'll hit you up.
  10. I'm actually thinking about doing a metal cover of the theme from the colored-gem levels (the five hidden levels that are extra hard, also known as Skull Routes). Here's one version of the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqa3YAh8rGU (it plays a different song for the first few seconds) And an awesome piano cover I stumbled upon (check this guy's profile for a ton of other Crash piano songs!) :
  11. If you listen to the source tune (check the first post for "Credits" by Rebecca Kneubuhl), that's actually how the original song is. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! ^^
  12. Just updated it, now with a melody from another song, which plays in the Valley of Avalar in DotD, a shorter intro, and some EQ work to make it less muddy. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/400632 Also updated the first post to reflect this.
  13. I've had similar issues in the past. For example, I tried burning a mixtape that included some of the Pokémon: The First Movie soundtrack, and "Don't Say You Love Me" came out sounding like the Chipmunks, sped up to double speed but with enough silence that it came out the original length. Another CD of mine cut off the second half of "Fury of the Storm"... It might just be a random error based on conflicts between your burning software and specific patterns of data in the MP3s -- an obscure bug that no one would even bother to fix. Maybe try converting them to another format or resampling them, then burn the new files?
  14. 24 bit??? Also, WAVs are a bit too big to post online. ;P
  15. I've actually been comparing the MP3s to the live renders -- they sound much better in Fruity for some reason. I have no clue why the MP3s render with different levels. And thanks for the tip. I'll probably end up bumping a lot at the rate I've been getting attention. :S
  16. Hmm. :[ Not much love to be had here... Anyway, just finished up three new tracks today. All of them can be found in the player on my RPM Challenge page. (For those unfamiliar, the Record Production Month Challenge is... well, just what it sounds like: A challenge to produce an entire album in a month. And not just any month; the shortest one, February.)
  17. My suggestion, since you're using FLStudio, would be to buy Guitar Rig 4 -- the best VST guitar processor out there -- and run a Sytrus guitar through it. I would suggest the Sytrus preset "Acoustic Steel". It sounds awful alone, but with a few effects, it makes a convincing electric. Guitar Rig has tons and tons of professional effects processors built in, with hundreds of presets that emulate well-known sounds, such as Metallica's signature rhythm or the beautiful lead from Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun".
  18. Very nice. I'm eager to see... er, hear... this after you've put in some more work.
  19. Very nice. I'm interested to see what The Perjurer is exactly. My one critique is that the guitar sounds fake -- FLStudio's Slayer plugin? Aside from that, it sounds wonderful.
  20. Never hurts to show off to other musicians, right? I mostly use FLStudio, and occasionally LSDj to make my noise. I compose everything from techno to rock, everything in between, and the occasional hard-to-describe randomness off to the side. If the first song you happen to listen to doesn't appeal to you, listen to the rest anyway -- many of my songs have absolutely nothing in common. Let's see how many of them I can dig up... OLD STUFF Prepare (weird) Nightmare (rock) Ectoplasm (eerie) Ethereal Dreams (dark, but peaceful) Alien Cheer (thumping bass and hamster crack... or something) RECENT STUFF untitled DnB with chiptuneage (DnB... with chiptuneage) Sinister Proceedings (acidic, thumping slow beat) Return of Ktulu [WIP] (rock) REMIXES/MASHUPS (not to be confused with ReMixes) Linkin Park - In The End (with additional instrumentation and a verse from Enth E Nd) LP vs Korn - One Step Closer to Coming Undone (sloppy -- needs to be redone) LP vs Eminem - One Step Closer vs Lose Yourself (EXPLICIT LYRICS!!!) Also, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete AMV (final battle recut to "Feuer frei" by Rammstein) <MP4 format> [in a RAR archive] {cuz this line needs more brackets} Comments? Criticisms? Hate mail? (scratch that last) Fire away!
  21. ...WOW. I have to admit, I wouldn't have thought something like this would work. My one criticism is that the Aerith mix was pretty choppy when you changed background tracks.
  22. I know, I couldn't think of a better name at the time. But yes, I couldn't help but think, "The Pokémon reference kinda kills it..." Now I feel kinda stupid for having already submitted it. *facepalms* Now I have to wait three weeks... I agree on the ending -- I love how that turned out. Thanks for mentioning that -- it just struck me that I could automate the tempo to slow the ending down gradually, more like a *cough* music box or something. I totally drew a blank on the title, too. I like your idea better. >.< That's probably the best music review I've ever gotten, in terms of constructive feedback. I probably will take a lot of your suggestions. I guess I made it a little too dance-club-y for its own good... I actually was going for that bass-drowning effect there -- it's a popular house technique called "pumping and breathing". Also, I was playing DotD last night and it struck me that I could probably work in the main melody from the Valley of Avalar pretty well, too, so I might try that. Again, I feel stupid for already submitting this. As of now, it's a work in progress...
  23. This is definitely one of the most impressive ReMixes I've come across. While staying faithful to the source material, you somehow managed to seamlessly blend together two of my favorite themes from the game -- two with radically different moods and rhythms -- using a skillful mix of guitars and synthesizers. What took me aback the most about this song was the organ and piano solos during the Oppressed section. It's not often that I've seen the guitars in rock instrumentals suddenly take a backseat to the keys. For that, you have my utmost respect.
  24. I was thinking the same thing -- since this is all free music provided by the artists themselves to THIS WEBSITE, it shouldn't be hard to contact some of the artists and have them release multitracks of their ReMixes. I, personally, would be more than willing to mix and master the multitracks (so the artists don't have to put in the effort) and might even fret a few songs (I'm good at fretting, I just don't always like to put in the time). So if anyone wants to suggest a ReMix to be included in this project (or even better, provide the master tracks from some of your own) please post!
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