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  1. Thanks everyone for all the encouragement and feedback! I've quite a bit I still need to learn, but I wouldn't have gotten even close to what I ended up with without everyone's support (and Beth's peer pressure ). Well, I've got a number of things to work on for next time. Better get practicing, I guess
  2. Same here. Nothing seems to be working out this week. I'm not sure I'm comfortable turning something this bad in...
  3. SZRC match-ups are up! Mixes due on 2/2!

  4. Awesome sigs, Matt! I'm not sure why, but it made all of this much more real. First competition and all. Trying not to be nervous. such hype. wow. so tomato face.
  5. Think we could fill a 64 bracket in a week or two? Maybe randomly assign byes if we can't fill 64 spots up completely.
  6. Whoops. They're both Genesis. Didn't realize the Saturn soundtrack was different.
  7. Hey there, are your Sonic 3D Blast picks from Genesis or Saturn?

    1) Volcano Valley Zone - Sonic 3D Blast

    4) Gene Gadget Zone - Sonic 3D Blast

  8. Heh. You've been trying to get me to do one of these competitions for a while now. Not going to let me chicken out at the last minute, are you? My picks: 1) Volcano Valley Zone - Sonic 3D Blast 2) Metallic Madness Zone - Sonic CD (US, CD) 3) Flying Battery Zone - Sonic & Knuckles 4) Gene Gadget Zone - Sonic 3D Blast 5) Stardust Speedway Zone - Sonic CD (US, CD)
  9. Thanks for holding the spot. I've been busy this evening, but I'll post my picks within the next 30 minutes. Amazing how quickly it filled up.

  10. SZRC 2014 sign-up is OPEN! get on it! I got your spot held if you still wanted to join!

  11. Heh. Turns out the music from Sanic R is actually "The King of Speed" from Daytona USA. The more you know, I guess. Also, thanks Xenonetix for the list
  12. Wait. Does this mean I can remix the music from Sanic R? The best sanic heghog gaem evar?
  13. Let's see, in approximate reverse chronological order: Zelda Link Between Worlds - Good return to form for Zelda, but not the best ever like some are claiming. Pokemon X - My first pokemon game since Blue/Red. I had forgotten how fun they are to run through once, but have no reply value whatsoever. Super Hexagon - I'm embarrassed at just how addicted to this game I am. Getting a new longest time is the best thing ever, even if I still died 32.4 seconds into the level. Don't Starve - Ironic that I found myself skipping meals so I wouldn't have to stop playing. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - The extra game types add a lot of fun variety to this game that mario kart could use. Shame I suck at this game, though. X3: Albion Prelude - Because the crushing depth of this game makes up for the fact that you tend to spend more time telling the AI where to fly their ships than you do flying your own. For me, at least. Fallout NV - Controversial opinion: Despite the technical hiccups, it's much better than Fallout 3. FTL - Non-turn-based space strategy is a new one on me. Lots of fun to play, but crushingly frustrating when you get demolished by an auto-assault drone in the second to last sector. Also worth mentioning are Supra Mayro Bross, Supra Mayro Kratt, The Fantastic Game v1.fun, and Le Fantabulous Game. They're awesome games in the same way that fanfiction is awesome literature. Good for a laugh, but you better be drunk if you're going to see them through to the end.
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