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  1. Thanks everyone for all the encouragement and feedback! I've quite a bit I still need to learn, but I wouldn't have gotten even close to what I ended up with without everyone's support (and Beth's peer pressure ). Well, I've got a number of things to work on for next time. Better get practicing, I guess
  2. Same here. Nothing seems to be working out this week. I'm not sure I'm comfortable turning something this bad in...
  3. Awesome sigs, Matt! I'm not sure why, but it made all of this much more real. First competition and all. Trying not to be nervous. such hype. wow. so tomato face.
  4. Think we could fill a 64 bracket in a week or two? Maybe randomly assign byes if we can't fill 64 spots up completely.
  5. Whoops. They're both Genesis. Didn't realize the Saturn soundtrack was different.
  6. Heh. You've been trying to get me to do one of these competitions for a while now. Not going to let me chicken out at the last minute, are you? My picks: 1) Volcano Valley Zone - Sonic 3D Blast 2) Metallic Madness Zone - Sonic CD (US, CD) 3) Flying Battery Zone - Sonic & Knuckles 4) Gene Gadget Zone - Sonic 3D Blast 5) Stardust Speedway Zone - Sonic CD (US, CD)
  7. Thanks for holding the spot. I've been busy this evening, but I'll post my picks within the next 30 minutes. Amazing how quickly it filled up.

  8. Heh. Turns out the music from Sanic R is actually "The King of Speed" from Daytona USA. The more you know, I guess. Also, thanks Xenonetix for the list
  9. Wait. Does this mean I can remix the music from Sanic R? The best sanic heghog gaem evar?
  10. Let's see, in approximate reverse chronological order: Zelda Link Between Worlds - Good return to form for Zelda, but not the best ever like some are claiming. Pokemon X - My first pokemon game since Blue/Red. I had forgotten how fun they are to run through once, but have no reply value whatsoever. Super Hexagon - I'm embarrassed at just how addicted to this game I am. Getting a new longest time is the best thing ever, even if I still died 32.4 seconds into the level. Don't Starve - Ironic that I found myself skipping meals so I wouldn't have to stop playing. Sonic & All-Stars Racing
  11. I've been meaning to try doing one of these, and the timing is pretty good. My big work project should be finishing up about the time that mixing starts. Count me in! That said, now I gotta figure out what my picks are going to be. Oh no, guess I'll have to start listening to a bunch of sonic music to review the options.
  12. Apparently, enough people felt the same way, so they made a second one. I kinda want to get it, but then I'd just be encouraging them to make more.
  13. So my college friends and I have been doing this thing we call Terrible Movie Tuesday for about 3 years now, so we've seen a few awful ones. For some reason, I'm a fan of the animals-attacking-people "horror" films: 2-Headed Shark Attack Birdemic Shock and Terror (despite the first 40 minutes containing no shock and very little terror) Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Sharktopus Shark Attack 3 Snakes on a Plane As far as worst games is concerned... I dunno. Super James Pond for SNES is really cheesy, but, somehow, the gameplay works. Edit: Oooh! Forgot about Mega
  14. Joined. I'm training to do the tough mudder in June, so I'll take any peer pressure I can get.
  15. Can you add me to the list? UN: disambiguity Fun game so far. It's pretty much just your standard pokemon game with other players running around in the background. Haven't gotten to the point of doing any trading or battling, though.
  16. And yet that (and most of everything else I've seen on this thread) contradicts what I've heard from other sources, that demos hurt video game sales. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2008/04/study-suggests-game-demos-are-bad-business-for-publishers/ I'm not sure what to think about that claim (also, is the fact that this was done 4+ years ago relevant?). I've probably rejected about twice as many games that I've played the demo for as I've gone out and bought, but that's just me. Also, The Damned, can you add me to the list? 1907-8158-5549 Thanks!
  17. As far as games are concerned, I only have Jetpack Joyride on my phone currently. It's fun and quick if you have ~5 minutes to kill. It's pretty much your standard helicopter game: Touch the screen to go up, let go to fall down, grab coins, avoid things that kill you. I like it because whenever I'm using my phone for games, I only have a couple minutes, and games tend to go quickly. Also, I recommend MortPlayer for a music player if you don't like the default. I like it because it uses your file systems folders to organize your music, so you don't necessarily need to browse by artist, album,
  18. At first I thought this game was really dumb. Then I started purchasing upgrades. Then I realized this game is amazing. The humor style reminds me of problem sleuth. Which reminds me, I really need to catch up on homestuck.
  19. Sounds great so far! Also, for some reason, the style of the title track reminds me of the music from Duck Tales for the NES. Not sure why.
  20. 1) As with just about everyone else, lose some weight. I'm a pretty big dude, and 30 lbs gone by the end of the year should be easily doable. I'm on an okay exercise regiment, but I need to keep upping my goals and change my eating habits. Hopefully, the rest will take care of itself. .....1a) There's going to be a Tough Mudder in Michigan in June. I want to participate and finish. 2) Get posted. I still need to get a lot of experience before I'll be able to put out anything submitable, but if I get some work done 3 days a week, I should hopefully start putting together some decent stuff by
  21. Oh, hello. After hanging out with so many awesome people at MAG, I should probably actually introduce myself. I'm Sam, out of Lansing, MI. I've listened to the stuff here for some time now, and have recently started to dabble in remixing a bit myself, much at wildfire's behest.
  22. I'm in for sure. Prereg is paid and room is booked. Any word yet on the room block? I'd like to try and actually get into the block this year, rather than last where where they were all like "Uh, yeah, you're totally in the OCR block. Well, yeah, you're on a different floor from everyone else, and you don't even remotely know anyone near you, but you're totally in the block. Don't worry."
  23. Count me in. Do we have a date in mind?
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