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  1. Hey I have a remix I want to submit to this, where do I send the WIP?
  2. Hey man where do I send my WIP?

  3. Hello from a fellow OCR noob! Mixing is a crucial part of making song in my opinion. Recently (literally within the last week) I finally got the hang of basic compression/EQing and it makes such a drastic difference in the final production. Once you do it you'll never not do it. On a side note though, the tracks sound mixed
  4. @Dash Just to prove how tasty it would be, here's 5 minutes of editing haha:
  5. @mickomoo: I think you hit the mood right on the head, I don't even think you need more percussion then you already have (maybe timpani strikes if anything to accentuate some important beats, like the trumpet line or somethin). Which brings me to the only sound complaint, the trumpets. They feel...suppressed? Not muted, but rather that the sound isn't coming through completely. That might not make sense :tomatoface:overall I like it though!
  6. I agree with you here. Reeling that melody back in! I took the opportunity to listen to your song "Starless Night." That guitar is brutal man, I love it! Only problem I see is I feel the bass isn't coming through enough. Otherwise it's pretty sick. Maybe add some weird ass keyboard solo's dreamtheater style Yea I'm pretty new to anything outside of stock fruity loops samples. I recently found a soundfont with a buttload of "okay" sounds, which are the ones you hear in the song. One day I'll invest in some really sweet samples and sounds! About your song.... I found myself hitting replay! I dig the vocal clipping melody thing. So catchy! I do agree with dreambliss's sentiments about the bass. The bass is weak and with house music you really want it to pull through the mix. But man, your kick is weak! Compress the f**k out of your kick haha, the only percussion I can really feel are the hats! Your snare/clap sounds really distant, albeit that might be what you're intending. Here's a DnB Jam I made: Edit: To make this response even longer.... Damn I need some new sound banks lol. Impressive composition here. It lacks direction in my opinion, but as you said there's no purpose so we can't really use that as an accurate criticism. I REALLY want to turn the first half of your track into a kickin house beat haha
  7. I really dig it man. Most dubstep sounds pretty similar but yours comes across differently, and I'm not sure why...hmm..... Title: Where the F**k Are My Keys? Edit: is that an XFER cymbal at the end?
  8. (I'm new so lemme know if this goes against any rules!) I don't know if you guys have any threads like this already running (doesn't appear to be on the first few pages), but I think this is a fun concept. Rules: 1. Criticize the person above you. Helpful criticism like "your trebles come through too much" or "the bass is muddy" ect, not "I REALLY LIKE IT LOLZZ111" or "DAYUM dat SuKd Major C***k" ect. 2. Post your own work, and wait for a criticism. No double posting (don't criticize yourself...). Here's my submission: I'm currently working on a soundtrack for my friends indie RPG, and we all know that RPG's are required to have an airship. Here's my airship theme:
  9. The first and last are out in my opinion. I really like the soundscape of the orchestral lead (violin or w/e), but it seems to stumble over itself at parts. The third (orchestral minus lead) wins my vote. The mood is definitely there without the lead, it comes across much more polished and cleaner, and the pauses are even more pronounced.
  10. Hello from a first time poster! First, this song is awesome, and I'm lookin to produce music as well as this (hopefully ). Your plucks are sexy, what synths are you using for bass/lead?