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    I am a long-time fan and employee of 91.1 KLSU FM. I began The Arcade in 2011, a video game radio show on every Saturday from 3-5pm (Central). Stream live from the website:

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  1. Within 24 hours too. You guys rock. Any more, keep em coming. I'll be contacting everyone on the thread soon individually. From there we'll have to work with everyone's schedule involved so just be patient. Thanks again
  2. Greetings, My name is Chad aka Gameboy host of The Arcade on 91.1 KLSU FM playing all kinds of video game music every Saturday from 3-5pm (Central). Here is a link to our website: www.klsuradio.fm I've been playing music from ocremix since I began the show in 2011 and needless to say I'm a huge fan. Recently I have begun thinking of ways I can expand the show's format and I'm very interested in interviewing as many willing artists as possible. Since we're located in Baton Rouge, LA the proceedure would likely be scheduling recorded phone interviews with interested artists and our production st
  3. Just donated $25. Excited about the 2 week pre-release of disc 1 along with the 3 freebies. Glad to help out. On a side note, I've been waiting on a reply from press@ocremix.org about setting up interviews with any ocremix artists for my show The Arcade on 91.1 KLSU FM. I love what you guys do and each week content from your website is aired over the radio guaranteed. I'll be sure to give your kickstarter a shout out throughout the next couple of weeks as well. That being said, anyone who wants to contact me directly about setting up an interview over the phone (or in person if you find yourse
  4. Overall loved it. Great orchestral intro. Synth and guitar amazing. Breakdown around 1:30 till 2:00 interesting. Found via Russian ReMix Roulette.
  5. Why is it like all of PrototypeRaptor's stuff? I think he's a little too good. Definitely opening The Arcade with this track today. It's Grrr-eat!
  6. Gameboy here, host of The Arcade on 91.1 KLSU FM. I just wanted to personally thank you guys for everything, but especially for releasing your 25YearLegend OC ReMix album in time for the 25th Zelda Anniversary. In honor of the anniversary, this Saturday's show (3-5pm Eastern) is gonna be all Zelda. With the official Nintendo 25th Anniversary album, your 25th anniversary album, Threshold of a Dream and all those crazy Zelda OC ReMix's you guys have amassed over the years - filling two hours with nothing but Zelda music is gonna be a breeze. Stream it live from the KLSU homepage: http://www.klsu
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