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  1. Thank you a lot for the kind words and some very detailed feedback, timaeus222 and Slimy – this is exactly what I need especially EQ and mixing, since I'm kinda new to those. I'll make sure to make a new post here once I've found the time to sort these problems out By the way, you're right when it comes to the timing issues, timaeus222. 99% of this is recorded MIDI, and I decided to check what the response would be if I did no quantization at all. I'll correct the worst cases, since the timing errors stuck out. Perhaps I should fire up Famitracker and make some white noise brush drums, so we get the real thing? I kid, I kid Again, thank you!
  2. A calm, jazzy and most of all nostalgic remix of the Pause Menu music from Pokémon Trading Card Game (released for the Game Boy Color) and the Route 210 music from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum (with a hint of Yoshi's Island near the end). I'd like to improve my skills when it comes to remixing (and composing in general), and submit this to OCR – which is why I'm asking you guys for feedback on this remix Sources: Remix: "Let's Take a Break" on SoundCloud Any feedback is welcome
  3. I think it sounds okay, but there were no melodies that really stuck in my head or made any impressions.. like, I feel like this song consists of many different ideas played after one another, and although there are good qualities to each and every one of those ideas (the portamento in one part sounded great, nice ending too), they just don't come together as a coherent song in my head. Perhaps a song structure with some repetition and variation of a main theme could do the trick, whether that would be an intro + a loop, like any other game soundtrack, or intro + verse + chorus + verse and so on, like most music nowadays. I hope I'm not discouraging you ^^;; and keep in mind that those are only suggestions and opinions
  4. I side with timaeus222 on this one; I think the remix would need some variation, something new and fresh after a while. Expanding on that part could be a good way of doing so (but don't listen to me, I'm new to this ) I think the voice is a nice addition, when used in a transition like it is here. As for other comments, I know this may just be the genre, but I personally would have liked more variation, especially after 1:12. Maybe a new instrument might do the trick?
  5. I'm glad I took the time to listen to this.. and I certainly don't regret it, but I don't think I'll listen to this again. I like weird and funny things, it's just that jokes aren't that interesting the second time you hear them.. Anyway, good job