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  1. Ah, thanks for the tip. A "smart playlist" in iTunes seems to do the trick. I filtered by Album ("http://ocremix.org") and Comment (starts with "http://"). To save others the effort of culling the resultant 411-track list, here's what I came up with: OCRemixes From Projects. I imagine such a list could come in handy for more than my current purposes. While looking through these tracks, I also came across a few minor issues: 0028 - Sinergia "Sinergia" is actually the band name. On the track list for the album Apoyando la Demencia, the song is called "Pac-Man". 2087 - The Fall of Iselia Commen
  2. You know, somehow I completely missed your message. Very belated but no less grateful thanks to you. :) And a slightly belated happy birthday to you as well, I see!

  3. Thanks, Larry! Is there a list somewhere of which posted remixes are from projects? I've downloaded every song in the torrents for seeding purposes, but since I already have all the project tracks, I see no need to keep duplicates in my iTunes library. Unfortunately, the "Display Duplicates" function doesn't work because the tracks are named differently. Sure, I can go through 2,355 tracks manually, but if this work has already been done I'd prefer to benefit from that.
  4. No problem; I totally understand. It's too bad, though - I finally found the time to record a little batch of shouted and growled vocals today, and didn't see your reply until afterward, haha. Should have thrown those together sooner... Oh well. In case you're curious, or have need of some vocals another time, feel free to take a listen anyway: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/187120/OCR/areyoubadass-vocals-siemova.zip I'm not much of a musician proper, but after years of freeloading I'd be happy to contribute to the community however I can. Anyway, yeah, I have no doubt the track - and the project a
  5. If you don't mind a non-remixer pitching in, I'd like to help. Should we accompany only the "are you"s from the second half of the clip, or all of it? Will the "yeah"s go after the latter two? This is my guess about what you're asking for, but please correct me if I'm wrong: Are you bad-ass? Are you bad-ass? Are you? (Yeah!) Are you? (Yeah!)
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