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  1. Ah, thanks for letting me know. I will boost the bass a bit, turn down the drums a bit, but in all honesty, I think I will keep the leads (piano + lead guitar) the way they are. I think they will be better heard if the drums are lowered.
  2. Thank you for your comments guys. The leads were quiet because I foresaw adding vocals on this track, but also because a lot of people tell me my leads are too high (when in reality, they're not much louder). The thing about the drums being too loud, that's what everyone's been telling me to do! Make drums louder, louder, louder, so i finally did and people don't want them so loud, lol. There is a bass guitar but it may not be loud enough. If you listen closely, the bass guitar IS there, lol. I will mess with it later as I am at my Dad's while the flp is at my Mom's. It should also be noted t
  3. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10679993/WIP%27s/AcousticSad7-1-11.mp3 I made that a couple days ago and I have not been able to get any feedback from it yet, so I was wondering if anyone here wanted to give it a go. Thanks.
  4. I actually love the tone. It just sounds too in the background to me, maybe try widening it (double tracking). Another thing I noticed is that it is way off tempo sometimes.
  5. I have found that Shreddage and any decent amp sim (Gsuite's (or whatever that free amp package is) J9000) sounds 99% like a real guitar. example: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10679993/WIP%27s/AcousticSad7-1-11.mp3 (1:08 is when the electric guitar starts)
  6. Then why do people always complain about stuff not being able to be used when they have a 64bit OS?
  7. Dude, I have a 3GHz quad-core and 3GB of RAM with a 1.5TB HDD, it's a damn fast computer, and I can't do much better without 64bit. Also, I'm only 17 and my Dad built this computer for me. Unfortunately I will not be upgrading to 64bit until a lot of the programs I use become compatible with 64bit..
  8. Well I have 3GB, and all I really need are a couple of string articulations, brass, and maybe 1 or two woodwinds, xD. I don't compose full-classical, I compose orchestrated heavy metal.
  9. It's not my hard drive limitation, I got 700GB of free space. The RAM issue is a side effect of 32bit, and due to compatibility issues, I am not going to upgrade to 64bit yet. I just want a compact VST with at least realistic SOUNDS for sustain, tremolo, staccato, and pizzicato on strings, staccato and sustain on brass, and just the basic sustain for woodwind. Edit: Because Edirol is really shitty and it's a synthesizer that's trying horribly to emulate realistic sounds.
  10. Hey guys. I'm looking for an orchestral VST (or soundfont), doesn't matter the cost. The only big thing that matters is size. I'm aiming for less than 7GB. Other criteria: It has to be better than Edirol Orchestral It cannot be Vienna Symphonic It must work on a system with Window's 7 32bit PC with a quad core processor and 3GB of RAM. I would prefer it not be that CPU or RAM intensive. The main thing I'm after are Strings, woodwinds, and brass. Percussion is optional. If it is a little over 7GB (max i'll go is like 10GB), that's fine too.
  11. Just going to add my $0.02 here, but the way I started off (I'm in a similar genre to you (orchestral heavy metal/classical/scores)) is by going on youtube and looking up NFX Tutorials. His music is mainly R&B/Hip Hop and stuff, but the techniques and things about FL studio he teaches you are invaluable.
  12. I want drums that sound very similar to those, if anyone could please help me find them. The creator says they are logic kits but I only have Windows and FL, so anything that sounds similar to these (or even sampled sets of these) is much appreciated! Thanks
  13. Well.. I'm on a different computer than I am usually on, and I tried to start making a song, and found out that the processor isn't strong enough to use all of the VST I use in an average song of mine. As a result, there is no bassline, and no orchestral instruments yet. Just double tracked rhythm guitar, lead, choir, and drums. It is in progress and I will finish it once I get back to the computer I usually use. Anyway, I would like some feedback on what I have so far. tl:dr I would like some feedback on what I have so far. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10679993/WIP%27s/Metal4-3-11.mp3
  14. I would do 4, if my computer could handle 4 .. most of the time, since I use a lot of layering and VST in my music, most of the RAM and CPU power is already being used up. If I tried adding 1 or 2 more tracks for guitar, My computer would crash, xD. I have 2 guitar, panned 90% L/R for rhythm. For my EQ, I have recently just been cutting <100Hz on rhythm and leads. Also, to make things more interesting, I sometimes have 2 Leads, panned 20-30 L/R. I have one done that with one track.
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