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    Wide tenor vocal range, decent bass range

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  1. Damn, the final preview is sounding AMAZING! Just one more week and the world can finally experience the true beauty of thee work that's been put in! Bravo to everyone to worked on this project!
  2. I can sing tenor and baritone vocals if you need em
  3. I'm interested in working on this album. I can provide male tenor vocals to anyone that needs it. Also I'd like to tackle an a capella arrangement of New Wave Bossa Nova+Ballad of the Windfish from Link's Awakening
  4. It sounded very quiet when I listened to it. I'd turn it up a little just so it's a little more audible. I know you said in your original post to play it loud, but not everyone is going to play it loud and proud so just work with the volume levels a little bit
  5. Nice work! I know some people have said it before but this song does need bass in it. Also I felt that the switch from acoustic to electric is a little too sudden. Perhaps you could have some kind of transition between them?
  6. Yes, Jetson is my real last name. I'm definitely thinking of re-recording this and making it my own. Also I do need to fix a few kinks in my recording, I did this with a Rockband microphone
  7. This is gonna kick ass when it's done! Is this an official OC Remix album?
  8. Yes, do send me a PM if you need vocals. I'd love to help you guys/gals out!
  9. Sounds like an awesome project! I can't remix too well, but I'd be happy to provide male vocals to anyone that needs them. Just shoot me a PM and tell me what's up!
  10. I I have one mixing project done, but the rest of my music works are a capellas. But I can send you the link to my channel if you want.


  11. Got any previous works for me to look at? I'm willing to get a couple of versions of this project done.

  12. Hey I saw the open tracks on your Megaman 9 album, and I'm interested in doing Wily Machine. Is that still available?

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