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  1. Any track/s from this sweet soundtrack, would be sweeter still, if given a sweeterer psy/goa-trance or ambient 'facelift'.
  2. I'm afraid this is question concerning an old post, how goes your remix of a Myst theme?

  3. The track list is this: 1 Life As A Flower 2 Splash Of Colour 3 Sailing On The Wind 4 Nightime Excursion 5 Solitary Wasteland 6 Purification Of The City 7 Peaceful Repose 8 Lazy Daydream All or most of these are on youtube, so have at it!!
  4. Here is a an example of Flower's beautiful soundtrack

  5. ...go nuts with an ambient, trance or techno remix of any or all the themes.
  6. ...and a few others such as Xenon 2, Gods, Magic Pockets and The Chaos Engine. Ambient, trance or techno remixes please.
  7. taurus82


    Ambient/trance remixes of any of this beautiful game's soundtrack would be most welcome.
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