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  1. tried to make similiar sounding song what megaman has in snes so here's what I did recently what u guys think?
  2. been doing some dark/evil atmospheric themes for fun of the upcoming game 'Lucius' by Shiver Games game is about satan's son who kills people in a big mansion, and detective tries to solve who is killing the people they're all WIP, so I'd like to get some opinions bout them thanks
  3. just made this one, what do you of think? some opinions and advice of changing the song are appreciated edit: newer version >
  4. well I'm still in need for opinions of the song, thought I'd move it to mod review soon
  5. I think it's finished now... opinions?
  6. thank you for the suggestions. I've made a newer version now: edit: and now a new version too haha: what u think? opinions needed going to change some breakbeat stuffs, think it sounds sloppy on some points, also maybe some more of filtering needed
  7. here's my cover newest version ... : original : what u think? all suggestions for making this track better are welcomed, be it nega- or positive feedback, thanks in advance
  8. new version
  9. here's my 2nd cover of One Must Fall 2097 - Power Plant, took like 4 hours to do this one. <- new I think the power part(tutututututu) is too much like that. any kind of opinions are needed for making it better, thanks in forward =)
  10. just did a new song with a space-documentary theme in mind though it could fit some other genres as well (I think?) what you think? all opinions welcome. <- here's also more song that I've made
  11. updated
  12. here's a trance stylish song I made recently: updated what do you guys think? all comments are welcome =)
  13. awesome source pick mate. gonna do a remix when I get my computer to work in about 1-2 days
  14. I've started doing an orchestral remix of 'new worlds'-song from Mass Effect, its a mix of both Mass Effect games, 1 and 2 <- original I'll do a longer version next time, I'll just need opinions first on this one though for I'll correct some mistakes it has imho it sounds too identical to the original one, maybe I should change that? opinions needed
  15. Haven't heard this one before, sounds pretty nice I submitted one remix to thasauce, though its a short one, maybe it could be an intro or some sort of . Maybe I'll do longer version when I got the time for it.
  16. congratulations all, especially Amphibious for winning this one nice tracks every1
  17. thanks for the reply, I'll do a new version when I got the time
  18. I actually ditched the whole guitar remix, and now I've made a 'club' mix: and there's a competition going for Snake's Revenge at: check it out
  19. here's my 2nd bonus 'clubbish' remix for the snake's revenge: cheers
  20. Fine piece mate, keep on going! I'm glad that I chose a song that got remixers to the work, because this 8bit game is one of the bests moments I had in gaming in my childhood... I really dig the passion you guys put to the songs you make! Think I'll do a new remix soon, my skills are too rusty for playing guitar for newer remix so maybe I'll make a trance stylish mix next as a bonus song and ppl, submit more remixes! only 3 days left... go go!
  21. I really like your remix Amphibious, keep up the good work !
  22. something I quickly came up, count this as a 'bonus' track: pasting this version here now if I don't have time for it before the competition ends
  23. doing a remix of Snake's Revenge game - Jungle Infiltration song, check it sorry for the choppiness and bad playing, gonna fix em when I got the time(hopefully) < originalopinions? I think the intro is too emo