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  1. thanks for the constructive reply, they really help me on my way on making music yes I've found it is pretty hard to achieve a realistic sounding orchestra on a computer, though hans zimmer does it pretty fine on some of his newer pieces :b I tried to lower the volume of attacks of flutes oboes 'n so, but when I do that the other instruments gets on the way, so I think I need start to train the mixing/filtering part of the sounds better for the next version or just remove some cellos and violins keep suggestions coming. cheers
  2. my 2nd attempt: replaced the french horns with harpiness... maybe a bad move? opinions needed
  3. thank you for the suggestions, I'll get to work now
  4. I just cutted the loop thingie away from my recent version, and yeah maybe its still too repetive
  5. ok here's yet again an updated version: opinions needed thanks in advance
  6. really cool songs mate, love the 8bit...
  7. thanks for the reply, I'll look in to the matters once again when I got the time, and yes, that ending is something stupid now that I listen it again ... and that 2:10 sound sounds to me like its from megaman 3 intro, so I sticked to it, though maybe I should change it too ... moar opinions needed
  8. ok here's an updated version: I completely rehauled the beginning, though think I went a bit too far in the hauling, especially in the end
  9. thanks for the advice, I'll look in to the matters when I have the time for it
  10. I tried to make an epic orchestral type song about snakeman should I change something in this mix or is it fine as it is? v2:
  11. here's something I've made a long time ago, but think I never finished them. this 1st song was to be for my own made space flyer game menu (sid style I think) this one is the level 1 here's the boss fight music and here are some random orchestra mashup-tracks I've made all criticism and suggestions are welcomed, like what should I change and how to continue certain songs and so, tnx in advance
  12. latest revamped version: < original
  13. cant register and submit file at your homepages so: song -> download ->
  14. here's new version... I think I made it even messier or somewhat. what u think? :b
  15. Hi all, just made a 'heavy trance' cover/remix of "Power Plant" titled song from OMF 2097 new version : < old version all criticism is welcomed =) also original song here: