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  1. Hey, so I kinda don't post here very often, and I'm a total dweeb lurker usually! Way back last year I started working on an album of like 90s RPG-type music or whatnot, first real big personal project, and I released the whole thing this past June. I'd really love to get some feedback on it - I'd been working on it so long that it's painful trying to go back and re-appraise it. ^-^; I originally wrote a lot of the music using samples from authentic SNES games, but chickened out and recorded/bitcrushed my own instead, so I'm totally worried that I did badly trying to rework them to use the newer samples. Also really -really- bothered by the post-production and mixing, but again - I'd been working on it for a year straight, and I'm kinda tunnel-visioned by it still, so I'm not sure if it's just me after working on it for so long. Everyone I know kinda just goes "Woah, sounds rad" or whatever, so it wasn't very helpful in the weeks right before release, haha... ;>-> Sorry if I'm coming off a bit candid - I'm kinda always like this. I just don't feel comfortable just showing off my stuff while keeping my own thoughts to myself, is all. <-<; Long story short: I made a thing over the course of year, I'm not sure if it's any good (or ever was...), and some input or critique would be great. https://mairujyat.bandcamp.com/album/shadow-of-the-lich Thanks in advance, hope you all enjoy it! And if you don't: be honest and let me know what I should work on next time, alright? ^-^
  2. Since I've been getting a couple messages regarding BlueTronic's post here, I'm going to post here that he did actually get my approval before going ahead and posting. And I apologise for taking so long to respond to some of the inquiries. I've been running into a lot of things in life that haven't exactly helped my ability to be as on top of everything as I should be. Hopefully within the next couple months I'll be back in the game, and so far things are definitely looking like it'll be pretty soon.
  3. I don't think there'd be much of a problem with everyone sharing their tracks within the project, to be honest. If anything, it'd probably be a huge help to get others motivated to keep working on their own remixes! Just be sure not to post anything in the thread itself; don't really think it'd be a good idea to reveal the album's contents before it's finished. On a bit of an unrelated note, sorry for the massive silence on my part. I've lately been juggling too many things at once, and it isn't really helping the project any...
  4. The project is still slowly moving along, just one of the only things that seems to be lacking are proper updates here in the thread (my bad, sorry!!). Over the past three or four months we sent out several rounds of check-in PMs to a lot of the people who'd signed on, but not too many people have replied, and there hasn't been anything particularly news-worthy going on as of late. But yeah, we're still alive here!
  5. Just a heads up: Project's still going, as far as I'm aware. Just the way things are playing out between school, work, and life in general, it's made it hard to keep on top of everything. Going to be sending out PMs on the first and second of November to check up on everyone. Again, sorry about all the silence, life's just been getting in the way of things.
  6. Just letting everyone know that I've sent PMs out, so check your inboxes! Looking forward to seeing everything so far!
  7. Alright! So this coming Wednesday is the check-in, and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything's going with everyone! In terms of how this is going to go down, here's how it'll be in a nutshell: Anyone with a status update or a WIP should PM myself and SoSiouxMe about it (Contact both of us, that way we're both on the same page). You don't need to do this right away, it's just if you feel that you're at a good enough point to let us know how things are going! When the check-in date comes around, I'll be sending out PMs to anyone who didn't already give an update ahead of schedule. So keep an eye on your inboxes, and be sure to respond at least within a week or so of the check-in date! Afterwards, we'll review your submission (if you've put one in), and run it past our judges to see what could be changed or improved upon. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can, hopefully within the week! On a final note: There's a gap of about 3 months between each check-in, so I understand that it may be a little easy to lose track of things, but I wanted to let everyone know that if you pass by two check-in dates with no status updates, we reserve the right to remove you from the project. Not trying to be a jerk, just don't want to have like 7 songs claimed but dead in the water. Gotta make sure everything is moving along, is all. Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to seeing how things turn out! Good luck, everybody!
  8. Woah, woah, hold on everybody, we'll get to the 'showing off' part soon enough, just want to get the track evaluated before we start throwing links around. It's mostly because this is really, really early, and we haven't yet formalized a small team to sort of weigh in on WIPs and proposed final versions.
  9. Alright, well, let us know what ideas you have for it, and we'll mark it off as yours!
  10. Just got back from MAGfest! Glad to see several people have joined up!
  11. Well, I'm going to be on my way to MAGfest soon. If anyone needs to reach me, drop me a line on Twitter. Can't do any huge conversations though! If anyone else going wants to meet in person and discuss ideas, play a game or whatever, just tweet me @Mairujyat! I'll be checking pretty frequently for any tweets!
  12. Even if you're not a part of the project, that's great to hear! I'm just really excited to know what other people might expect or want to hear in the album, and really look forward to any opportunity to communicate!
  13. So not a lot of you know, but I'm going to be at MAGfest next weekend! I'm thinking that if anyone else on the project shows up, it might be a great opportunity to sort of do a bit of a get-together, probably throw around ideas, goofing off, play some games, etc etc. Anyone else going to be there?
  14. Just posting to let everyone know I survived the apocalypse! Also, happy holidays everyone!
  15. I think it'd be something worth looking into, though I am a slight bit hesitant, since my worry is that it might not suit the level's 'theme' (the crystal caves, trying to get it to bring something like that to mind). Then again, I've been surprised quite often in the past, and I'm actually extremely curious how it might sound in the style of Frank Ocean. I'll bring it up with SoSiouxMe, though I've got a feeling you'll get it. Add me on Skype, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, or Google Talk if you have any questions/complaints! I'm on all of those, my screen-name is the same, so it shouldn't be hard to find me! Edit: Yep, you've got Crystal Caves! Looking forward to seeing how it goes!
  16. I think that'd be great! Feel free to contact me via PM or Skype or anywhere else, and I'll answer any questions or even bounce ideas around, if you want. Same name everywhere I go, I'm not too hard to track down.
  17. *Says this on the forums just to be official or something* You've definitely got the DK Rap! On a side note, add me on Skype/Gmail/Yahoo/Twitter/MSN if you want to bother me about something, or have any questions. I'm not too hard to find, since I use this name pretty much universally. Anyway, good luck with your remix! Take it to the fridge!
  18. Thanks! Don't rush too much in choosing something, just take your time with it, we've got quite a lot of time. Feel free to play around with any unclaimed tracks! Just be aware that songs can and probably will be taken without notice, so be prepared for that, if you invest a lot of time into something without claiming the song first. But yeah, any help is greatly appreciated!
  19. Now that... sounds like something that'd be fun to hear! The extra Krem Isle Version of Snide's HQ is an optional part that could be in the Snide's HQ remix, though it does allow for a change in themes if you need to have the song take a break from the 'normal' version for a short spell, so don't be shy about using that at all in the remix! Don't worry about it! The interest is more than enough, especially for Day 2 of the project! That'd be much appreciated, though I don't use AIM at all... Mind if I add you on Skype instead? I tend to use that for most of my professional contacts. I'm also on Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, Steam, and Twitter. My screen-name is literally the best way to find me, just try adding Mairujyat in any of those, and you'll find me.
  20. Just letting everyone know that while SoSiouxMe is the one who started the thread, I'm working behind the shadows like some evil mastermind, plotting to blow up the world with a giant slingshot or whatever. On that note, feel free to contact me on Skype with any questions, my Skype name is the same as my screen name, and I'll probably be online and able to answer.
  21. I figured out what my mistake was. Absolutely nothing turned up in the 'Sent Items' list on the PM system, so there was a bit of a reasonable assumption on my part that they didn't go through. Sorry about that. I don't actually have AIM, and I've already got accounts with Skype, MSN, Yahoo, and Gmail, and so... yeah... I'm not eager to keep adding to the list, since it's pretty decently comprehensive. I'll stick to PMs, now that I know that they work. Anyway, I might be claiming Glitter Gulch Mine as well, I have a 4-minute bit that I'd been working on for the past couple weeks that uses both Cloud Cuckooland and Glitter Gulch Mine's theme. I'll PM you what I have so far, and hopefully turn that orange text into magenta, if that's fine with you.
  22. Ah, right. I should probably post a link to some of my past stuff as well. May as well go with stuff related to this: Blackeye Theme-related thing. Grunty's Lair thing. Some thing vaguely based off Rusty Bucket Bay: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/489702 And an unrelated album I did a while back: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=41043 Sorry about the sudden link spam now. I have news to back it up, and make the post relevant again, thankfully: I've finished the uber-rough demo thing for Cloud Cuckooland, though it's mainly me playing around with instrument combinations and arrangements. My hope is to find out which sections are more fun to listen to than the others, and then probably build another mix based off what section is chosen. I'd PM a DL link to one of you, but the PM system isn't working for me. Also, Kirvee's email address was refusing my mail earlier on, so I'm not exactly sure how to go about handing it off to someone without publicly linking it. Can't use Skype or MSN Messenger while i'm between computers, either. :/
  23. Sort of hit a snag, but I've made some headway. Basically my main computer for remixing died suddenly. But with the way things are looking, I may only be out of commission until Tuesday. I have a 1-minute test piece already worked out, of about the first half of Cloud Cuckooland already, and I'm seriously committed to getting back on it ASAP.
  24. Alright. Well, I've pretty much gotten myself attached to Cloud Cuckooland here, Sort of interested in claiming it, if it hasn't been stealth-claimed already.
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