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  1. Sounds great, like your other stuff as well, high production value
  2. Right on! Did some drum layering, does it sound better? I updated the soundcloud link >>> http://soundcloud.com/robotsmack/final-fantasy-7-victory
  3. The latest original track I've been working on. Any brutally honest thoughts? http://soundcloud.com/robotsmack/oescratch Cheers
  4. I #$%^&* love FF8 You have a good start. I agree with Phonetic Hero and Rockos about the long intro. And personally I like long build ups, I like the mix, but it has to hit way harder than that when it does @ the end of that long @$$ intro, it was a bit of a let down when the melody comes in. Cheeers
  5. Thanks again for all the feedback! Here is an update of the track. >>> http://soundcloud.com/robotsmack/final-fantasy-7-victory
  6. MMMmmmmm Starfox 64... The mix sounds really good, but it starts clipping in the middle, the piano pad chords especially. The sound of the guitar is really good, but the time is a little sketch. Cheers for the SF64 remix
  7. Hey! @pixelwave I agree, I could switch around the wobbles, make it more interesting @Guifrog Thanks for the break down! I'm still working out the kinks in my mastering chain, I'll see what I can do with the midss @auronapern I definitely thought about incorporating other FF7 bits in, but I kinda liked the challenge of elaborating on such a repetitive passage haha @Rockos the 1:59 bass splosion was intentional, but maybe a bit more melody uptop might tie it together Thanks for the feedback~!
  8. http://soundcloud.com/robotsmack/final-fantasy-7-victory Hey Everybody! Would love some feedback on my FF7 remix, let me know what you think!!! Thanks in advance, Alex
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