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    I'm attending cegep in a music program. I'm first and foremost a classical guitarist, but I have a passion for great video game music. :)
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  1. This definitely has the same feel as Satie's Gymnopédie. It kind of sounds like an improvisation to it which in my opinion is a wonderful quality for piano music. Great job!
  2. Hi there everybody! I tend to pop in to OcRemix every now and then looking for help/suggestions for my compositions or (beginner) remixes, and this is no different! http://soundcloud.com/darren-schwinghamer/sand-capital Here is my take on a tribal/desert town theme. When I hear it I think of a small village in the desert or a jungle that would be heard in a game like those of the Zelda or (early) Final Fantasy franchises. Could definitely apply to other games or genres, I'm just not as familiar with them. Please let me know what you think, there are some areas where I'm somewhat iffy about, but I'd like to hear other people's opinions. Much appreciated!
  3. Hmmm... I have decisions to make (electric guitar or fl studio? ) Well I suppose there's no rush really, I could save up! One quick question, the Soundfont player included, what exactly does it do? Is there no other way to play soundfont files in fruity loops, I'm still kind of confused over the difference between samples and VSTs. I know what you mean by the instruments sounding too fake, I'm going to see if there's anything I can do to make them sound better with my limitations. Would you happen to have any ideas on how I can get a better sound? As for the complement on the arrangement, thank you very much!
  4. Thanks for the feedback chimp! I know what you mean about it sounding fake, recording the real deal would be such a hassle for me at the moment (fellow musicians at school are all booked with exams like me) I'm thinking about getting the Producer's edition, but is the signature edition really that much better? Are those Vsts necessary in reality? Or are they just like the others only more user friendly maybe? Either way, I sent my final version in to the comp and I'm pretty pleased with it except for one note of the clarinet where the velocity is way too low (only noticed when listening to it off the web). Oh well
  5. Well I just submitted mine too! I had fun doing this for the past week, I hope I have time to participate again soon
  6. I think it's really nice, especially the recorded version where it was much more musical than the previous version. I'm just curious if the shift in sound quality at 1:06 in the recorded version was intentional or if something happened, because it really did stand out in a not so good way. Just found it odd. I'm definitely able to look past it because your mix is really quite nice, the two sources really compliment each other here.
  7. Hey all, I decided to enter the PRC competition this week (first time I do this) because I really liked the source chosen from Phoenix Wright. I like orchestral music mostly so I thought I'd have some fun arranging it like that. I haven't remixed before so please bear with me if things don't sound good. I'm looking for advice on production and mastering as well as any other advice you might have. One thing that irritates me a bit is the brass section. It doesn't sound very brassy to me. I'm using FLstudio the fruity edition so I am somewhat limited in things I can or can't do with this particular DAW. http://soundcloud.com/darren-schwinghamer/reminder-of-a-requiem-ver1-5 Thanks for taking the time to give it a listen. Edits: http://soundcloud.com/darren-schwinghamer/reminder-of-a-requiem-2-0 I added some new sections and decided to include Police Cell-Jailer's Elegy in it as well for the variety. It might be hard to spot though... I'm pretty happy with the arrangement now, but I want it to sound better so that's where I need criticism (while if there is any criticism in other areas, don't be shy to let me know because I want to know! ) Latest version here, tried to make the instruments sound less fake. And I changed the name to Crazed Reminiscence in Jail. http://soundcloud.com/darren-schwinghamer/crazed-reminiscence-in-jail
  8. One day is short, especially since I'm pretty new, I realized that there's still things I want to add to it to embelish it and make it just overall better. I wasn't sure if you were allowed or not to post in the Post your remix section of the forum since it's a competition, but now that that's cleared up I'll definitely make use of it Bundeslang. Thank you! And zero, you should make a bonus one too.
  9. So I'm pretty new to remixing and I don't know too much. I've been on the forum for close to a year but it's fair to say I went incognito for several months (school occupied me big time). Anyhow I took a stab at this just to see what I could come up with because I listened to the source and I really liked it. It's mysterious. I was just wondering if those guidelines really are the only ones. Can the mix be in any genre? And how do you know if you're sticking too much to the source or if you're going too far away from it? I've already done my mix (spent the afternoon and evening doing it) but I want to make sure it qualifies. I can't wait to see what people come up with for this!
  10. Absolutely stunning! Magnificent, so Debussy! I'm not familiar with the source track, but I can tell this is an impressive piece on the compositional and technical side. Congradulations!
  11. I really liked it a lot. I'm not sure if the link you have posted in the first post has been updated, but that's the one I listened to. Musically, I really enjoyed it. The intro that fades in and then ends abruptly kind of sounds weird in my opinion. I have trouble deciding if I would include it or not. If you like it, then please keep it there, it's your music. Technically... I'm not enjoying the synth that comes in at :56. Something about the attack bothers me. Looking forward to hearing an updated version!
  12. Thank you, I definitely agree with your idea of echoing the clock ticking. I do find it's too silent between the ticks. As for the intertwining, I was originally trying to do that, but found that changing the tempo of pieces so that they are at the same tempo ruins the pitches more than I can bear (using Audacity in any case). Thank you very much for the quick response!
  13. Hello all, School has started and I'm now in a Music Technology class (basics of sound recording, and using programs such as Audacity and Pro Tools later on in the semester). I had an assignment to pick several source tracks that share a theme and edit them together into one piece. This is not a ReMix, it's a mashup (and I know this is a ReMixing website) of Final Fantasy music (my theme!). http://soundcloud.com/darren-schwinghamer/eternal-fantasy-1 I'm just hoping I can get some feedback on the transitions and effects used to make it sound interesting. Thanks a lot! Darren
  14. So.. is this still happening? School has started again, which means I've got access to a "professional" recording studio-ish place, which means a clear recording. I'm definitely still down for this.