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  1. Ska was the wrong direction for this song, fast hardcore rock that doesn't go so far as to be metal punk or screamo is how it should of gone.
  2. The pyramid theme from Crystalis has to be one of my fav song of all time no matter what area of music we're talking about. I have been hunting for years to see if anyone has done a remix on it and I have never come across anything worth two hairs on a donkey's behind. I'm near my limit, I need to hear this song remixed with the sensational beauty and power I know the remixers on this site are capable of. I'd prefer something with a good rhythm and lots of beauty. But remix it however your imagination takes it.
  3. Spot on. By no means are we going into this project all or nothing. Part of the reason we're advertising is to inform the fans that the project is in full swing but it was also too hopefully find supporters that might be capable of adding to the project. Should we failed to get permission or publishing it will be posted as a fanfic. In any case It has proven so far To be an incredible story We are nearly two thirds finished with the master copy of the first book. I have been in communication with Thomas Lindsay at Capcom for a little over a Month. He will be reviewing the master copy and ether saying no to the permission or passing it up to his boss who actually has the power to say yes. I hope it goes through. If not it'll still turn into an epic read as a fanfic. Sorry if the post seesm a little broken. I'm posting on my phone.
  4. Sorry If I was unclear, its not a fanfic, we are currently in negotiations with capcom to get rights for publishing. Team Omega is a new name, until recently we just did various projects together, we started on this as a fanfic but the story ideas blossomed and we ended up adding a few new people and the quality and quantity exploded so we decided to take this the whole way. Once that decision was made we took on the name Team Omega.
  5. I've long been a fan of OCR that said I have a special announcement: Greetings mega man fans. This is Wardonis from Team Omega here with a special announcement. We are currently working on a ten book mega series of novels named Temporal Requiem. At the moment we are releasing very few details. I will say, however, that this story begins with Dr.Light in his late teens and will conclude well after the end of the legends series. Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Zero and Megaman legends will all be fully included along with huge amounts of original material. Fear not, while we are adding to and embellishing the mega man universe we will not be making any changes. The stories of each and every game for all 4 series will be fully adhered to. The first book titled: Beginnings, Is tentatively scheduled for release in Aug 2012. As that date approaches we will be releasing additional information a quite possibly a teaser along the way.
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