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  1. Hey guys - nice job putting together another album. I've got quite a few comments. As always, the mixing & production value is generally really good across the board. Congrats. Overall I think some tracks simply deviate too far from their original. I think this is especially true in the first disc, a little less so later on. I think you should always know what the original track is when you're listening to a remix. However it's unreasonable to expect anyone to listen to any part of any given song and expect them to know specifically what the original track is when listening to an OCr
  2. I listened to this a few times, you guys did great. I'm not sure who controls the mixing + mastering of the whole album, but the tracks fit very well together. Briggs starts out with a really strong track that captures the wayward feeling of journeying around FFIX's overworld, and each track continues strongly. The genres vary heavily but it certainly works, where each track generally has a genre that reflects it. My only gripe is the track "Birth under a Blue Light." It really fails to capture that unique two-sidedness of Zidane being an adventurous vagrant, but at the same time is a sou
  3. This album is beyond amazing. You guys really put a lot of time into picking the right genres, and it shows. The mixing and arrangement is professionally done and I've had so much hype waiting for this album. Kudos, seriously. :]
  4. It feels like it's rarely updated. Under "Check out the latest OC ReMix albums!" has Mega Man 9 and Nights works, which are most definitely not the most recent. Thanks
  5. I'm signing up for Songwriting. Thanks for the awareness!
  6. Mhm, I'm just expressing my opinion. Maybe the criticism was a bit too rough, I just can't imagine it being an uncommon sentiment. I'm very well aware of the hard work that went into all these songs. OCR is a great community, and I really appreciate that hard work that goes into the albums.
  7. First off, I'm a huge fan of OCR, and you guys really nailed it this time. This feels a little more of a soundtrack than other OCR Albums, where I feel like you could throw this in the game and it'd work perfectly. Not to say the others wouldn't, but sometimes remixes are based off of themes rather than atmosphere, but this album is a great medium. But I do have to comment on a type of song, which is present in the album. Specifically, the Kong In Kongcert song. These type of vocal songs show up now and then on albums, and I have to say, I'm really not a fan. I almost always hit next when th
  8. Screw the haters. This album is amazing, great work. You really explored your instrumental mastery on this one.
  9. this album is fantastic. well mixed, great genres, awesome sounds. nice job people! im really impressed.
  10. Posting for the contest! Nobuo is a god among mortals! Seriously, I love all the FF pieces, but my favorites are the characters' themes. Tifa's... Golbez's... Kuja's... Zidane's theme is quite literally a perfect piece of art to me.
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