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  1. Rozovian It is not about mix. DarkeSword ok, then remove info and lock it please.
  2. I want to delete my account, but i see no option of button on CP to do that. Can anybody help?
  3. Oh, that's so atmospheric! I recognize Maridia...^^
  4. Thank you! Sorry, here's the other link) http://prostopleer.com/tracks/4971151qeoF
  5. Um... I love this game and have a couple of my remixes, so if you guys don't mind.. here it is) http://prostopleer.com/tracks/49711520GtE http://prostopleer.com/tracks/49711520GtE I have stronged my skills in synth lately, and plan to remix other track from MFF. What will you say? Sorry for my English^^
  6. Oh, that's just great!! One of best remixes of Ken's theme EVER!!! Like it very much!! ))))
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