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  1. Is that really all Sony's fault though? Wouldn't it make more sense to be angry at Gans? Do you expect any critic to give a HORROR movie based off a VIDEO GAME that wasn't SCREENED beforehand good reviews? I'm not saying it was a work of art, just that those three things probably gave the rating before the movie even started.
  2. I'd just like to say I just got back from seeing an early showing of Silent Hill. It seemed I had to explain a bit of it to the people I went with (who hadn't played any of the games). Amongst the group were mixed reviews. I myself liked it, so there you go. *SORT OF SPOILER* People in the audience actually clapped when Pyramid Head first made his appeareance *END SORT OF SPOILER*
  3. Asking why Zelda has two pictures may seem irrelevant, however, what to do with those two pictures are not. If you click on should it bring you to the exact same bio as ? If not, what would be different about the two bios? Can I make my own mascots if I provide the bio information?
  4. I'm not even sure if this counts, since it's a tad unorthodox. In The 7th Guest, the time you're 'playing against Stauf' under the microscope. It's somewhat like Othello, but the AI made that part really hard.
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