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    OCR01154 - Linus Spacehead "Space Drifter"

    I must say DarkeSword, you are definately one of my favorite remixers. More specifically though, this remix is one of my favorites: Number 2 at VGMix on my personal list IIRC. One thing that impresses me most is how you were able to take an interesting but badly executed original song and make it much much better then the original. Not only that, but you broke the repetition that plagues so many old school songs and kept it fresh and fun to listen to for over 4 minutes. That is very skillful and I look forward to your next remix.
  2. It kinda reminds me of "Angel Island Zone" from Sonic 3. The first level btw.
  3. José the Bronx Rican, are you the same as Jose Acosta?
  4. Christopher Blue

    OCR01068 - Ninja Gaiden II "In the Atrium"

    Could you post more lyrics on your sectionz website please?
  5. Christopher Blue

    OCR01068 - Ninja Gaiden II "In the Atrium"

    djpretzel, could you please post the lyrics to the song description. TY. For now I will see if silent has a website.
  6. Christopher Blue

    OCR00940 - Castlevania II "Simon's Symphony"

    You actually suffered through that crap?! Wow. I listened to a few samples and I couldn't stand it anymore. To be fair though, I believe DJ Chrono had alot more talent then the yahoos they had doing that CD.
  7. Christopher Blue

    OCR00833 - Final Fantasy VII "Otanjoubi Cid"

    FFDJ, could you please upload an edited version (no pesudo-southern) of this ReMix?
  8. Christopher Blue

    OCR00773 - Astérix & Obélix "3 Ways"

    This is a really fun mix to listen to, and its length helps ensure that the one gets to experience alot of different sides of NoppZ remixing skills. I am curious however, what genre does this music fit under?