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  1. Boo (Mario) Purple Tentacle (Maniac Mansion) Chell (Portal)
  2. This is easily one of my favorites. I love just about everything on this remix. The voice FX at the beginning, the trance mix of Corneria BG music. The piano fits very nice, and the intermission in the middle of the music where the original theme is crystal clear is just awesome. I would like very much to listen to the first reject submission, just to see how much the remixer improved from that to this.
  3. Another one that, IMHO, just goes too long. It's not because you made something sound nice that it should last forever. This is one of those cases when shorter is better. IMHO, of course.
  4. This is one of my favourites! And to think I first heard it several years ago... many mixes get "old" after you listen to it several times, and you start favouring new mixes... not this one, though!
  5. I like it. It's catchy. Sounds really good. But after some four or five minutes, feels kind of repetitive. I think shorter would have been nicer.
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