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  1. Actually, this is pretty much what's already happened. The man at the helm of SSR (Ogawa) has worked with the series before, but never in the leadership role he's had this time. Moreover, Iizuka, Naka and friends haven't touched the game. And it shows. If I'm not mistaken, even the actual staff making the game has more guys from elsewhere in Sonic Team as opposed to the usual bunch. They've said that there were effectively two different teams working on the game (one for the SP, one MP), and that's with the next gen title also being in full development at the same time. It isn't quite as drastic a move as outright licensing the series to another developer, but it's the closest thing you're going to see.
  2. That should be Balloon Park. You might try rotating the emerald so it fits with the perspective of the sphere, and reduce the lens flare on it a bit. Otherwise, looks great.
  3. Original topic. Anyway, glad to see this is nearly done. Loving the teaser tracks, site design is amazing, etc.
  4. Final Boss occurs before Doomsday, so keep it that way. And honestly people, drop the hostility. You're all working together on this and flaming is the least productive thing you can possibly do.
  5. The "real" ending doesn't cover the Sonic 3 tunes in the first place, which is somewhat against the spirit of the project. Even if you only did the S&K tunes, that's at seven or eight zones in one song, which would be difficult to combine into a cohesive track that anyone would want to listen on its own merit, and even worse if you toss Sonic 3 zones in besides. It just makes more sense to mix one song, instead of trying to combine fourteen into a single megamix. I personally prefer the Sonic 3 ending anyway, and wish they would've used it in S3&K instead of the S&K ending, which doesn't do the full game justice.
  6. The official S3&K remix album has a track with the three of them and the special stage mixed together, mainly accomplished through adding drum solos between each song. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a great success either.
  7. I'd drop it in next to the special stage, personally. I'll agree that it isn't crucial, but it'd be nice to at least get one of the bonus stages in there. Depends on the mixers and overall project length, I suppose.
  8. This project needs Sonic 3 Miniboss and the Glowing Spheres bonus stage. Anyway, most of the WIPs so far freakin' own, and I'm ecstatic to see this have such a great start. Here's hoping that it doesn't take a year and a half.
  9. Nah. The 'l' was never supposed to be there, if you read his post a page or two up. 14 zones, 5 races, main title/invincible, menu, race results, 3 bonus stages, special stage, Knuckles' theme, 3 boss themes, Sonic 3 credits. That should be everything. 31 total, but the bonus stages could be mixed into one track, and race results isn't exactly important (or nearly as catchy as its Sonic 2 counterpart). This could be done, with better initial management than HH and a little cooldown time. Good luck to anyone crazy enough to try and pull one together.
  10. And after a year and a half of waiting for this thing, it's gone live. Awesome job, guys.
  11. Ahhhhh. This was on VGMix before it went down, so it's nice to see it here. A very nice, moody arrangement of "Composition in Q" from the best shooter ever. Unfortunately, it's also a rather unknown tune, since it's only played once in the whole game (although the music combined with the storyline there is easily one of the most moving gaming moments). Great stuff. Perhaps this will alert more people to the incredible. Tyrian soundtrack. </wildhope>
  12. Eh, it's me again. New problem: I've imported a MIDI and I'm trying to tweak it (Ultimately, to save it as an Mp3. Song enhancement purposes only). However, everything I do always resets to the way it was when I loaded the MIDI when I play it. Help?
  13. This is probably a stupid question, but how do you get FL to export music as a MIDI? I've found all of the options for it, but every time I try, I just end up with a tiny blank file. I think it has something to do with setting my soundcard to the right port, but I can't find a way to determine what it's port is either.
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