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  1. Say what you will about this ReMix, but I thought it was done rather nicely. kLuTz's playing perfectly captures the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from living in a small town that truly makes one comfortable, or the feeling of coming back to a familiar place that you call "home." At least, that was what I thought while I was listening to this. Sure, it isn't the most innovative ReMix, or the most elaborate, but it really doesn't matter when one successfully creates emotion and evokes it into the listener. I'm recommending this to those who can appreciate a thing like this. At least it's a hundred times better than the drivel that Lorie Line churns out...
  2. Whoa...just...whoa. I never thought of having my favorite tune from Mega Man 3 like this at all. I'm pleased that it turned out quite well. starla's a talented vocalist, I can give you that, and her lyrics are well written, as nothing really stuck out like a sore thumb. The slight jazz ambience of the tune really worked, and the cello and piano complemented starla well. Gotta love the sax, too... Unless you're not into this kind of music, I'm not sure if you'll like it or not. I still recommend that everyone download it soon. I personally hope to hear more of these kinds of things in the future.
  3. This is a favorite of mine, mainly because it combines one of my favorite themes from Zelda 3 with jazz, one of my favorite types of music. Not really fancy when it comes to notes, but the rythym is wonderful, and it stayed true to the original very well while adding new material. The instruments aren't real, but at times, they almost sound like they are. Got to love the piano solo. An excellent ReMix, this gets my recommendation. Just download it now if you haven't already.
  4. This has enough to keep my attention, and although this is very fast techno, it's very well put together. Very energetic and very detailed. Nothing particularily bad. Nice job!
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