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  1. Argle: I'm not really sure if I feel that focusing efforts on adding "low end power" will be an improvement? I had intentionally trimmed the kick back so that it didn't get in the way. In the spirit of Quickman I wanted to avoid chest-shaking heaviness and power. It doesn't seem to be what Quickman is about. However, other than minor tweaks while working on it, I haven't mixed this yet. You have a point. Needs EQ refinement. In the process, some things may be sonically spread out to lower frequencies. The instrument muddling that you hear might be repaired by mixing as well. timaeus222: You're absolutely right! Didn't catch that. Not sure why I turned it up so high. Thanks! Yes, it's a bit plain, you caught me being lazy. I just want to get this thing done already. I'm unhappy with how I ended it (hastiness), especially from 3:08 onward, and I will need to change that. Thanks for the Zircon tip. I wasn't digging the track, but I know exactly which section you were referring to. If I choose to make changes there, I will probably head in that direction.
  2. So I abandoned this for a while and went back to work on it. I am just about done with this. I will make no more changes in the arrangement of anything; I'm quite satisfied with that, though you can feel free to provide input, if you like. I'm more interested in feedback regarding instrument qualities and mixing, compression, etc. Here's the link. You know what to do. Thanks for taking the time.
  3. Holy shit that is heavy, very bassy. I like it. I like the choice of instruments, sounds well balanced to me. I am not a fan of the vocals, but unlike our friend Chris here, it's because I don't think they're "glitchy" enough, hehe. That's more just my personal taste than a criticism, though. I would like it more if they were harmonized, or even run through a vocoder.
  4. I enjoyed it. There is some lack of clarity in the bass frequencies from time to time when some instruments interfere with each other. Give it a few listens on other speakers if you haven't already to see if you can hear what I mean.
  5. I'm kinda confused about where you'd rather we post feedback, but I decided posting it in the forum was good. I would recommend continuing development on this. I like it in general. Here are some things I think you can do to get closer to the effect that you're looking for. 1. Dynamic use of filters. Filters are your friends. =) I've heard the bass in dubstep sometimes change the level on the low pass filter pretty dynamically. Maybe you could change the cutoff and resonance levels on each note. Play with it. Maybe even changing the filter level at double the rate of the bass rhythm... as in if the bass is doing 1/8 notes, see if it works to change the filter at 1/16 intervals. 2. For a more "dubsteppy" sound, you need some more percussion. I see what you're going for with the straight 4 bass drum on section A there, and then more syncopation on the B section. I think that approach might achieve what you're looking for, but you can push it further than you have it so far. You might want to consider working on that. It sounds like so far you are just straight up letting the percussion samples/instruments play as they are. What's missing is the distortion effects, slicing, granulating, or more filter effects that are more typical of that glitchy dubstep thing you're going for. 3. The vocals! Is that you? Thank god you sound good, because the hard part here would be trying to sing in pitch if you can't already! Process the vocals too, man. Push it. Use a vocoder, those are hella fun. Or add effects to dehumanize the voice a little. Certainly don't be afraid to slice the vocal sample up into little pieces and play them like a drum solo... changing the filter cutoff, panning, velocity, or whatever for each note. In other words, nice, but to get that glitchy thing you're aiming for, you have to kind of remix it. That's all I got! note: I am by no means an expert on dubstep... or anything, really. Just saying it like I hear it.
  6. Hey All, My computer speakers are terrible. I just got some pretty sweet Sennheiser headphones and discovered some bass frequencies that were previously not there... in the excitement I started going through old projects and "fixing" them. I did this one a few years back, but changed around equalization settings recently. I'm particularly interested in feedback on that, but I would welcome any feedback on the composition of it or anything else as well. Here is a download link to the file. Alternately, it can simply be streamed here on SoundCloud, though something sounds a bit off about the upload there, and I'm not knowledgeable enough to know why. Thanks!
  7. No, pH, that's great advice. I appreciate you taking the time to write all that out. You're being constructive. Maybe I also should have mentioned that this is in a really, really early stage of development. Perhaps it may have been too early to post. I've just been working in a vacuum for a long time, and asking a friend for feedback helps but is not the same as asking a community of arrangers and producers here. I do have a habit of overbuilding where it may not be called for, so this makes sense. You're right, I gave it a few listens and there's about 16 bars that I can easily cut out. I'll think about coming in strong so that the drop for the soft melody contrasts and is more appropriate, or keeping a shorter fade in but making the melody section more intense.
  8. I've heard some remixes on this site that stray pretty far from the source. I'm sure this is acceptable. It sounds great! That breakdown near the end is a great place to go nuts with slicing the vocal samples, as the others previously commented. I also agree that some of the vocal samples end up a little too muddy. The only one I thought was too far in that direction was the "punch" sample near the end. If that's a granulizer maybe lessen the wave spacing?
  9. Hey Moddy Dhoo, I think the style suits the song well. What seems odd to me is the placement of the splash/crash cymbal hits during the verse or "A" section. In the other sections of the tune they seem to fit in, accenting rhythms in the melody or complementing what the rest of the drums are doing, but they seem out of place in the A section. Maybe reconsider where you're putting those? I was in the mood for something like this today, just came back from a jazz practice.
  10. I'm excited to say that this is my first post in the OCRemix forums. I have been appreciating all the good work the people on this site have done for several years now. I know... ANOTHER Megaman Remix. If you can bear listening to just one more of these, I would appreciate some feedback on how this project is going so far. I put it on SoundCloud. I'm not familiar with the hosting site suggestions on the "sticky" in this section. If you guys think they are preferrable to SoundCloud, I can use that from now on. Thanks!