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  1. This is awesome! Definitely submit this. The only thing judges may not accept this for is source material used, because it does feel like there is lots of originality in it, and I think they do time calculations with regards to source being used. But other than that this would be an amazing addition to OCR. Keep up the great work!
  2. Good job, everyone! Do we have a list of sources/originals? My track was from FFXV.
  3. Went back to the old ending, since I think it fits best. Yes it's boring but it seems a cooldown is most suited, I've tried toying around with some synths or like a piano but the contrast is too big to the rest of the song (or my skills are lacking) (probably the latter). Put the leads more on the foreground and did some more balancing. The judges were "okay" with the ending as is I think so apart from that, is there anything I should address before resubmitting? Or are you sure that the ending is going to get shut down like it's Duck Hunt? I never resubmitted anything and am not sure if judges just tackle one thing then another after resubmission... Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts once more! (EDIT: Just noticed the crash at 2:32 has some weird bass, I layered an FX Kick over it for testing with different endings, forgot to remove so I'm going to change that back)
  4. Thanks for the detailed feedback, going back to work on it some more!
  5. Almost a year later. I. Suck. At. Mastering. First of all, thanks for the constructive feedback. If I didn't fix that thing you took a lot of time to write out and explain: it's because of the lack of skill/time/etc. But I have moment like these where I am dedicated to get this posted! Anyway, this is where I'm currently at: I've done some mastering and added elements that are rather minor so you probably wouldn't hear much difference apart from obviously, mastering. Still not sure what to do with the ending It's like, so energetic up until then and whatever I try throwing at it it's such a big contrast to the rest of the song. Blegh. Feedback is very much appreciated! Let me know what to fix before resubbing! EDIT: Now topic is "ready for review"
  6. Good job everyone! Track #13 is a Remix of "On the other side of the mountain" from FF7. I remember there were years that included a readme/writeup about source tracks. It's enjoyable to find a source you recognise while listening.
  7. I know my last change was pretty recent (14 months ago!) but if possible I'd like to be renamed to "Lampje4life" *leaves an offer for the rename gods* (Thank you!)
  8. Hi guys! About a year ago I submitted a Remix which got No'd with some constructive feedback. I went back into my DAW and fixed hopefully most of the complaints and critics. I hope someone is able to give me a review on the WIP and see what else needs fixing before I resubmit. Thanks a ton!
  9. Good job everyone! Now let's aim for 20
  10. There's no link to the previous albums in the original post so I'll just leave this here