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  1. Have any of you guys successfully found Ishteen, one of the Hunt Club mobs who supposedly appears in East-West of Barheim Passage if you wait long enough? I can't seem to make him appear.
  2. Well I think it is all about the active vs. wait. Check on the Game Mechanics FAQ.
  3. My understanding is that multiple spells go off at once if you have it on Active Battle mode instead of Wait. Can anyone confirm/deny?
  4. Yeah, after a few hours hunting with the Jar, I've gotten tons of Arcana.
  5. What types of things will you do in a new game that you didn't do the first time around? I'm 80 hours in and I am not sure that I would replay.
  6. Yay, got my Canopic Jar. Anyone have any idea how much it increases Arcana drop rates by?
  7. Oh I have a question! *edit make that 2 q's* What's an effective Poaching setup? Just turn on everyone's gambit and make sure that they poach at HP crit? And then I have gotta find this OST, nice music. Especially Westersands...
  8. Yup I got one of those early. Very useful..
  9. And I noticed that you can sometimes steal bloody necklaces from those zombies which sell for 1500
  10. Quick Q for ya guys - where's a good place to get some cash around level 40ish? I'm saving for Canopic Jar.
  11. Belias was overpowered when I first got him, but after that, they haven't done a whole hell of a lot.
  12. Just outta curiosity, what level have you guys downed Zalera at? I was pretty proud of myself, beat it at level 38/39 ish.
  13. I played this game on emulator way before FF3 DS was even a twinkle in Squeenix's eye. It's much better, Galuf rules, and yeah. That's pretty much all you need to know. P.S. Mime ftw. P.P.S. OMG Gilgamesh!
  14. Naw, back when us old fogies played goldeneye, we used reapers on secondary and ran around yelling "HERE HOLD THIS".
  15. I find it very funny that I am 65 hours into the game with less than half my bestiary filled. Does that count the 80 rare monsters? I've only run across 7 or 8. My favorite so far is Wary Wolf, because of the name, the ease of locating him, and the fact that he drops prime pelts and arcana.
  16. So with a Niloapahoa (sp?) Gil Snapper was cake. I mean he was literally dead within a minute. That's the best item ever.. but do you guys think it's too cheap? I just beat Mindflayer and Atomos and I have about 16 or so hunts done, with chars at 35.
  17. This may have been discussed earlier, but anyone want to share strategies on Gil Snapper? I had him down to a sliver, then he went into a disablega and blizzaga rage, and yeah I was toast. I think that I need to equip everyone with black belts to prevent Disable. Thoughts anyone? (massive bump)
  18. Settlers of Catan & variants FTW. I have a colleague who hosts gaming nights every so often and our favorites are usually Settlers and Puerto Rico.
  19. So I am in the so-called world of darkness. Is it true that there is no way to save from the end of the crystal tower to the end of the game? This has taken me a few hours so far and if I die and have to restart from before I entered the tower I'm gonna be PO'ed.
  20. I also just bought a V3 Razr and I am wondering if you guys know any nice websites to find video game ringtones. I'm sure this has been asked before; maybe someone can point me to the right thread.
  21. Yes, I know the discussion is about HARD bosses, but what about for (easy)... DRACULA in SOTN? I mean, my god, my friends have seen me sit there with a Crissegrim and a Rune sword and beat the living sh*t out of Dracy. You just stand there and see nothing but 999 999 999 pop up all over the place.. anyways.. Hardest boss? I didn't particularly like the executioner in Skies of Arcadia, and some of those bounty fights were kinda rough... bounties level up with you. I'll post more when I think of more hardest bosses Blueearth
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