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    I like every and almost all versions or art. Music, movies, TV, animation, books, video games, comics/graphic novels, etc.
    Music is the master controller of emotion, and I would certainly like to understand it if I am to become a great artist.
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  1. Wow! Honestly, I thought this piece was amazing because of the way it started and ended. The song just left me with a great feeling. Good Job!
  2. Any song from this game would make my day. If you haven't heard of or played this game, you are missing out. ... Just saying! Edit: Here is one of their best songs
  3. Amazing piece. I'm not a particular for Slow or Jazzy music, but this piece had me hooked till the end.
  4. I'm a newcomer, really haven't explored the whole site or it's music yet. But I very much like what everyone is doing. I've been a fan of all art since before I could remember. Music is certainly one of my favorites :] I hope someday I can get enough money for FL Studio and join in making some awesome pieces.