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    Hi, I'm 'lectric.Chai. I can't play music!
    Lemme re-phrase. I played piano for three years and flute for four.
    This was in middle school. And I've really lost practice.
    That being said, I REALLY LOVE all the music on OCR and, as an artist, I look to you guys for inspiration.
    Thanks for being awesome! Let me know if I can help!
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    Artist, Writer

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  1. Ah, very soothing after it gets rolling.... I feel like it plays out like a story... I thought the sounds at the beginning were Jeff making something late late at night, and it opens with him making a cup of coffee to watch the sun rise... That was my first reaction anyway.... wonderful mix
  2. one word: Re-Deads. I had never been absolutely terrified of a game until OoT. Just running around, exploring, find the tomb in Kakariko, and see the re-deads. I thought they were old ladies who were sick. I ran over to help them, got frozen, watched that freaky creeper approach with his horrifying moany thing and I slammed that game off! To this DAY, that moan still scares me. ooh....
  3. When I was little, I would do this with snes rpgs, like Illusions of Gaia and FFVI, or even A Link to the Past. It was my version of "house" I guess. Today, I put the subtitles on all games that offer them in cutscenses. It's not because I can't hear well...its...well I dunno why I gotta, I just do! And it seems that for the past 3 years, I've played a Zelda game over the summer. It can vary between retro ones and the newer games, but it's almost never failed I get that nostalgia urge for a particular zelda. xp
  4. Dude, speaking of cruela, isn't it perfect for Izanagi to have the cut-cut power when he looks like the seamstress from hell? meeeh, I can't find that look-alike forum from way back when... what started this, I wonder?
  5. Well, these are mostly Oda's characters, and so I think it's just something he does. Though, I'd always thought of Django as being more like MJ, but the photo proves otherwise. Ivankov was a given though, wayyyy to recognizable x3. Can you think of others? there had been a post a long time ago of actors as Final Fantasy VI characters...I can see if I can find that...
  6. Though I would really enjoy Banjo Kazooie and Yoshi's Island in your style -- it just seems like a natural soundtrack, given your folksy inclinations -- I think Majora's Mask should come first, especially since it shares a lot of the songs from OoT, which would make it easier to complete. You wouldn't have to do as many songs...I think... Man, just keep making music. Me, personally, I'm happy with any music you choose to tackle.
  7. The only april fools joke I saw was Brandon leaving I genuinely want to see that you tube preview after reading all of that. It sounds like video heaven.
  8. The first piano intro to your song of storms reminded me of Storm in the Desert here on OCR, when it progressed, I thought it was going into an old record of swing music, which was a really unique interpretation, if I may say. Maybe clean up and change tempos? I was honestly really gripped by your intro/interpretation of Fire temple. Maybe more melody with vocals or ...? I really LOVE where the forest temple is going. I just wish it was a bit longer. It feels like you got a solid intro and a solid outro, but not much substance in the middle. The intro feels like its leading up to a much faster song in general...? I can't say I have a lot of music making experience, but as a passionate observer I really love what you're doing! Don't give up!!
  9. aaah! I'm so happy for you, phonetic! Great justice to a wonderful game! hope to see more glitchy, unorthodox tunage!
  10. how bad would it be if I tried to bring in some other newbs who may/may not be able to sing but love this game, too? I'm talking with some irl friends tonight who are weirded out by my recent text "WHO WANTS TO BE IN A ONLINE ZELDA MUSICAL?!" soo...yeah or no?
  11. Dear god. YOU SEE THIS WORLD! THIS IS HOW DEVOTED FANDOM CAN BEEE! Man, I am so proud of every single one of you!!
  12. o my gosh man! Yes!!! Congratulations on making it! ah! another track! yesss! lessee, one of the temples and the first mine were some of my favorites too.
  13. sorry dude, I spammed all your sites.

    Just keep getting ideas about your project!

  14. The first time I heard the other world theme in Chrono Cross. I had been bee bopping through stuff, and then had to just stop. When those strings let loose, a single tear rolled down. A song has not gotten to me like that in a long while
  15. Man, Don't give up hope! I really enjoy these takes on this classic soundtrack! A few of these songs I felt rather indifferent about in the original sounddtrack, or that I kinda liked, but never thought much of it... AND THEN YOU CAME ALONG! Man! The sneaky-garden song is great, as well as Kaepora Gaeboras theme... AND THE GORON'S THEME! ALL THREE OF 'EM! Wonderful! To a music newb like me, you're doing just fine!
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