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    Me? well i'm a gamer to the core... i play games simply for the enjoyment of the story line and to see the characters the devvies come up with. i like the darker, more ominous music, fitting as most of the characters i create are either villains or anti-heroes.
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    Andrew M. Pickett
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    Nothing as of yet, looking!

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  1. one of my friends recommended this song to me... now i see why... it is a lovely piece of music, well put together and with a smooth quality to it (to my ears anyways).
  2. OH DEAR LORD!, MY EARS! this was absolutely great to listen to! i love this fantasic collab! I was literally smiling the whole time thinking: "Now this, this is what i call a remix!" great job!
  3. I've only played the demo of AC 4 so i'm unfamiliar with the source, but the beat is just so fun... though its techno/rock, i won't listen to this all the time but its definitely one i will keep and play time and again!
  4. I know a lot of people don't like this song, but i honestly enjoyed the dark, ominous tones of this (in my opinion) rather good remix of the Lower Norfair Theme... the only problem i had was that the song ends too soon for me... a solid 8/10
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