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  1. Forgive me for being an ass about this or just picky...but Sahasralah is not from Ocarina of Time, he's from Link to the Past. If this song is a remake of Zelda's Lullaby, maybe it should be Zelda's homecoming...anyway, that just ticks me off. The song itself: I am a fan of jazz, and Neskvartetten obviously very successfully turned this into a smooth, finger snappin' toe tappin' piece that will have you bobbin' your head and kickin' back with your glass of scotch, staring at the moon. At least that's what I do when I listen to jazz...*cough*. I think any jazz fan will agree that this was a great adaptation indeed. The sexophone (as I call it, and whether it was a synth, or real, not too sure) is beautifully done, it's all good... -Berd
  2. I wish this mix were a little longer...It was THAT good It shoulda been like a 4 minute piece, but I gotta say one thing I didn't like...The weird electric piano at around 80 seconds...I didn't like that...OTHERWISE AWESOME!! ~Berd~
  3. Charlie's Angels theme, I totally agree with Crono, but nonetheless I liked it Nice smooth drum loop, yeah it's repetitive, but in a good way I think...ME like Berd
  4. How does he do it? G-O-D!!!! Reminds me of the Vega Ballad he made, that too was stunning. I would love McVaffe to work on Chrono Cross...OOOOH! What he could do with the Water Dragon Isle theme! oooh...that track is called people opressed with life right? Kajed Berd
  5. I listened to this mix yesterday, and I was quite astonished to find that it had lulled me to sleep... That's just how well made and beautiful this piece is, and it goes to show you, improv IS an art... So well done Gutz!! Kajed Berd
  6. I liked this little number, kinda gave a jazz vibe though, not saying that's a bad thing I really liked this, I wonder how well Mr. EmptyMy would do on a Chrono Cross track? HEH! Anyway, kudos Misseur EmptyMy...
  7. One word... CINEMATIC I loved this piece mainly because of the "ethnic" type percussion in the opening, loved it, and the way he mixed it all together, electronica and classical all in one, really stunning... Kajed Berd
  8. This one was an eye-opener...But with all the gastric noises, I figured it should have been a remix of "Inside Jabu-Jabu" more than a theme from Zelda 3. For those who remember the Jabu-Jabu level *shudder* there were a lot of those gastric blurbing indigestion noises... Personally I thought it was great, shoulda been longer though I agree... Kajed Berd
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