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  1. On the topic of Sonic games, I feel it bombed when it got /way/ too complicated. Sonic Adventure was pretty cool, but even it was a little too full of superfluous characters. Remember when Sonic was selling tons of copies back when they only had maybe 4 characters in the whole cast? Hedgehogs of different colours started shooting out of every one of Sega's collective orifices and it became the borderline furry shame-dom that it kind of is now. Try it: Mention Sonic in a game shop or something and I promise an argument will start between otaku kids and rational people. xD As for Megaman, it got to a point where there wasn't a lot they could do with it anymore, I think. Megaman, like Sonic, is a legacy regardless though; If you enjoy the games, enjoy them rather than raging out because they're not shamelessly pumping them out from between their proverbial legs at a pace even EA would envy. If one comes out, it comes out, and guess what? You'll either like it or you won't. Video games are about fun and enjoyment, not growing a severe neckbeard and accusing the companies of being fringe radical cults bent on destroying everything that you hold dear. That's what politics and religion are for. 83 I mean, I love the Xenosaga series, but nobody involved with the project is some sort of corporate Satan for not finishing the project to its planned completion. So I'll just enjoy the games that did get made and show my support, and if it goes on, then it goes on and I'll be happy with it, but regardless of if that happens or not I still have three games I like to play a lot so what exactly is the 'crime' that they've committed again?
  2. Of course. ^^ Definitely keep remixing, I adore the electro feel you gave the track, it could just as easily be dancable or chillout. 8D It reminded me a little of the vibe I get from 'Sirens of the Sea'.
  3. I know~ 8D I've had it burned to a disc in my car for quite awhile now. ♥ It's a really sexy mix, especially for driving in the rain. ^^
  4. Nothing! They're some of my favourite game tracks but there are a lot of dead horses with Rube Goldberg kicking machines rigged to them. ^^;
  5. Making love to sound isn't illegal. Which is good because I have just done this.
  6. Hi~ My name's SYNESTHETIC. Call me whatever you want; I've lurked around OCR and downloaded remixes since about 2007. I've made a good bit of music here and there, but part of my art is not letting it be traced back to me; so finding out my true identity is very difficult by design via a web of psuedonyms, half truths, complete fabrications and outright lies. ^^ I have a few remixes I'm working on and pondering carefully before submitting.. It'll be awhile. But, I'm friendly despite my anonymity! I love the project that this site is and I hope to become a frequent part of the community. Thank you. ^^;; P.S: I solemnly promise never to ever remix 'Schala's Theme', 'Ice Cap Zone', 'Corridor Of Time', 'Prelude ~ FINAL FANTASY' or the Super Mario Bros. main theme. Are we friends now? 83
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