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  1. I can't say I'm a very accomplished arranger, but I have a friend who could probably give me some tips. For the record (idk why I didn't mention it originally) I am actually a Broadway baritone for the most part, but have a decent bass range and am working on tenor. Got a solid 2 octaves on a good day. And SUPER looking forward to working on this; OCR needs more awesome acapella. Don't think I've heard any fully acapella arrangements on the site, actually.

  2. Talent and very strong voice, but a bit classical and theatrical .... do you have a modern pop song example?

    also Im doing a jazz/blues remix for the paper mario project, your voice would be perfect!

    Do you know the song "At Last" by Etta James?

    What song do you wanna hear? I could do a pop song if you can find one in my range, which is not easy considering that every singer these days is a freaking tenor or countertenor. That shit ain't right. And of course I know "At Last," but I'm not really a fan. >.>

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