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  1. ................................... ......................................... ..................................... ..............tooo hot! Errr im suprised no major gaming company hasn't like tried to hand cuff you with a contract Simply amazing quality and sound pretz. You need to get some kinda recognition for all this crazy work. Anyways keep em coming.
  2. Im in love with this remix. Im suprised not that many others liked it. Judging off of his other tracks i don't think he put the drums in to sound "cheesy" but to give it a different feel or twist. I guess its one of those songs where....you really like it or you really hate it lol. Anyway i really really loved this piece. Nice work. Work on making them longer please?
  3. This song is so beautiful. Makes me want to play mario 64 once again just for that water stage. Does anyone know where i can hear the original other than digging out my 64 to save the trouble? Anyway Great mix I love it.
  4. Wow I when I heard that last reply to this song I was pretty shocked. I would have thought surely that someone with high recognition and respect only would have made such a reply. But I also thought to myself that music has no definite form or pattern, it's whatever is pleasent to the ear and something that many different people can enjoy. Over looking this I went to and listened to this guy prophecy's choice of songs on that site only to find that it wasn't great to me at all. I guess in it's constant feel of gloominess and trance it has its own quality (if u choose to like that same feel over and over). Even then, none of it made me go wow. (I will acknowledge that you do seem like you have talent) Only for the simple fact that I expected someone to judge the way they did to be pretty damn perfect. Oh well, I guess thats something to learn. Once again this song is very great. It demonstrated versatility and simplicity. I definitely advise you like an uptempo dancish type of song. Very Good Job Marc. As marc star said himself he didn't want to over do it for his first track. I wouldn't understand that being the first time submitting and pretty new to things. Lets hear his next works and see what he does next. I just find it kind of odd to judge when you don't have it all together yourself. This applies to anyform of life.
  5. I really think this is a totally awesome peice dude. Great job. I like the feel of the song and the various instruments. I love square songs as a whole and this is one of the better mixes i've heard in a while. Please keep them coming. MORE MORE MORE.
  6. Very nice man. I really like it. Keep up the good work. Nice Hip Hopish flavor to it. Piano is perfect. Kinda matches the Lufia piano that was always heard. Once again nice. Romeo
  7. I LOVE THIS DAMN SONG!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH (Goes super sayan 3 off of excitation!)
  8. I don't know what some of u people are thinking. This song is a great ass one. Hands down to the creator with thought of makin a nice hip hop feel out of this song. I've heard many other hip hopish songs that people have tried to do on this site and hasn't cut it. This one........hands down i wanna hear more!!!!! GOOD STUFF MAN!!!!!
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