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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ucdr0iccpfb3yb3/Yg9YJeB2Ds

    I hope this works, I've never sent a DP link before haha, but I just made a folder and linked to it

  2. What's ur email? I'm gonna send you a WeTransfer of my remix.

  3. hahahha I don't know who he is. Some kind of imposter I think!

  4. Ummm I guess use my real name. I'm starting to phase out Syllix so I guess it would make sense to start here using my real name.

  5. Tossed my picks in not too long ago. Thanks for holding a spot :)

  6. LMAO at your skrillex / bee signature hahahaha!

  7. hey man, i didnt actually have plans to make it an actual competition, but rather, just create a thread and see how many people were interested and then post all the tunes near halloween. But I don't think anyone was interested so I'm kind of gonna leave it. I might just post a halloween-ish tune to the originals later in the month

  8. ahhh... i see you got the message :P

  9. ahhh ok thought I would ask just so I know... I actually changed my mind... but it would have been really funny! It would morph into the water theme from original super mario bros, and then it would cut out with Sonic saying "what the heck is this?" and then Mario going "ohh.. itsa mee... Ma..." and then Sonic cuts in saying "Get Out of here!!!" And then cut back to the music again... anyway, maybe you'll get a chuckle reading this... but yes, I have so far incorporated both themes :) tough, i might add!

  10. hey I was wondering... I have a funny idea for the mid section of my song (uhh for sonic remix compo), and I can easily put a super mario reference in there for comedic value... and then snap back to the sonic tune... is that allowed? :P

  11. Hey just noticed you were a mod. I made a post in the tutorials section (Logic 9 Pro Glitch Tutorial....) and I don't think it belongs there. I don't think any mods have looked at it yet, but I think it needs to be moved so it can "age" and move down the list. I made a comment in the post which you can read. Anyways, hope you can take a look - thanks mate.

  12. Hey Douli, I had an idea about a fun competition involving field recording, recording audio, etc. - The idea is "Use 3 items only to make a 1 minute song" - So for example, I have an idea to make a little song out of a coffee mug, my toothbrush, and a duck quack I managed to capture while walking near a marsh. You can use any sounds made from those items, so for example the mug, you can slap the side of it, or turning it upside down and hitting it with your knuckle, etc. Then you get creative in your DAW, stretch the samples out, now you have a drone sound, be creative, etc. What are your thoughts?



  13. hey man im just curious if you're the same hoopy frood who made the song "haze." I have a very large list of chillout music with the names of the artists and their songs I like that I hear on di.fm. I couldn't find where to listen to that song again but if it's on my list, it must have been good. Just wondering if you're the same guy - if so, that's just awesome, and where can I find your latest tracks?

    Cheers from Canada,


  14. Well I'm no storyteller, but first thing that comes to mind is a castle. A bit of a mystery it is, but there is something in one of the towers. It's cold, dark, and raining outside. A lone traveller is seeking what is in this tower.

    This puts an image in my head and I can start to think of what kind of music I would put over something like this - sad, dark, melancholy, slower paced, maybe piano and strings... I don't know, I'm really just thinking out loud here. For me I feel it would be easier to put music to a story idea, rather than try to come up with a piece of music and then have the other person listen to it and then write something based on what they hear. There are no rules of course. Anyway let me know what your thoughts are.

  15. Hey, I was just reading the 2012 resolutions thread and saw that you write stories, screenplays, etc. My friend and I had an idea (he's a writer) to collaborate on a stylistic / short story idea, where he would write a story and I would make music for it, and have the story narrated to create a scene or atmosphere of some sort... just so we could have fun and work on our skills. I'm just wondering if you would be interested in doing anything like this?

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