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    Plus I <3 video games lol.
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  1. Feels so good to have finally purchased the game. Every single beta weekend, here I come!
  2. We could add OC to our in game names to try adding to our friends lists. I can't imagine that getting taken, and they won't be permanent names anyway since there's a server wipe when the game goes live and probably after each beta weekend. EDIT: Forgot to mention that most of this doesn't really need to be worried about. When the pre-purchase betas start, the NDA will be no more. We can just chat it up here for friends.
  3. Three cheers for everyone having access to all the betas! Pre-purchase the game at buy.guildwars2.com and you are guaranteed access to every beta and you get the full release game 3 days early xD. We can't pre-purchase until April 10th though.
  4. I went to that link you told me to go to! Looks pretty sweet xD

  5. We have a winner! Mesmer just leaked and then confirmed by the company on twitter. Official announcement will be on Wednesday
  6. Everything k-wix said is exactly how i feel . From what I've seen, they're doing it well. I doubt their system will flop, but unfortunately it's always possible. Here's to hoping ArenaNet found the right system and formula!
  7. I haven't had your problem before so this comment won't directly answer your question. If you think you could get used to playing with a small amount of lag, many recording devices stream what they record to a computer monitor. So technically you don't need a tv. It's not optimal for playing though.
  8. I listen to remixes for the interpretation mostly. Being new here as well, I came already in search of people's interpretations so i may not have the most helpful opinion for your question. I always did appreciate video game music and it would get stuck in my head while playing, but if I had a nostalgic moment i think I would much rather search for the OST than listen to remixes. When I feel nostalgia, i don't like variation, i look for the exact same as I remember it. Fortunately, i don't have those moments too often and can still very much enjoy the work found here. To answer your question straight-forward, I like interpretation more. I hope something I wrote here will help answer your question . And as i said, i am also new to video game remixes.
  9. Ooh you meant thaaaaaaat DJP.... /hoping he doesn't notice i didn't know who he was I enjoyed all of your responses to my comment lol. I actually laughed out loud.
  10. And interest lol. We don't want an officer who doesn't care enough.
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