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  1. Feels so good to have finally purchased the game. Every single beta weekend, here I come!
  2. We could add OC to our in game names to try adding to our friends lists. I can't imagine that getting taken, and they won't be permanent names anyway since there's a server wipe when the game goes live and probably after each beta weekend. EDIT: Forgot to mention that most of this doesn't really need to be worried about. When the pre-purchase betas start, the NDA will be no more. We can just chat it up here for friends.
  3. Three cheers for everyone having access to all the betas! Pre-purchase the game at buy.guildwars2.com and you are guaranteed access to every beta and you get the full release game 3 days early xD. We can't pre-purchase until April 10th though.
  4. I went to that link you told me to go to! Looks pretty sweet xD

  5. We have a winner! Mesmer just leaked and then confirmed by the company on twitter. Official announcement will be on Wednesday
  6. Everything k-wix said is exactly how i feel . From what I've seen, they're doing it well. I doubt their system will flop, but unfortunately it's always possible. Here's to hoping ArenaNet found the right system and formula!
  7. I haven't had your problem before so this comment won't directly answer your question. If you think you could get used to playing with a small amount of lag, many recording devices stream what they record to a computer monitor. So technically you don't need a tv. It's not optimal for playing though.
  8. I listen to remixes for the interpretation mostly. Being new here as well, I came already in search of people's interpretations so i may not have the most helpful opinion for your question. I always did appreciate video game music and it would get stuck in my head while playing, but if I had a nostalgic moment i think I would much rather search for the OST than listen to remixes. When I feel nostalgia, i don't like variation, i look for the exact same as I remember it. Fortunately, i don't have those moments too often and can still very much enjoy the work found here. To answer your question straight-forward, I like interpretation more. I hope something I wrote here will help answer your question . And as i said, i am also new to video game remixes.
  9. Ooh you meant thaaaaaaat DJP.... /hoping he doesn't notice i didn't know who he was I enjoyed all of your responses to my comment lol. I actually laughed out loud.
  10. And interest lol. We don't want an officer who doesn't care enough.
  11. I really like your name suggestion. Simple, to the point, but still awesome. Also, I can't wait for the lvl 1 fest! This will be my first mmo that I get on release, so I won't be behind. I can't wait
  12. That was amazing. I'm blown away. I enjoyed that more than I enjoyed the real SC2 trailers and animations!
  13. It seems to me that they'll have everything under control. The only problem i see is not having enough monsters at release, but they can easily fix that with a quick update. Since anyone can join into a quest at any point, we shouldn't be sitting around waiting for our turn.
  14. Hey thanks bro! I like yours too!

  15. Does anybody have a singular feature that they are really looking forward to? I really want to see how underwater game play turns out. They're making it quite a bit deal.
  16. I'll mainly be playing a Sylvari Ranger. But, I really want to try to the engineer, necro, and elementalist. I suppose with the leveling system of Guild Wars, trying a lot of characters won't feel like a set back on your "main".
  17. Seconded Did anybody here get the chance to try the game at Gamescom? I didn't go, but I watched my fair share of videos!
  18. First of all, there's no monthly subscription. As for game play: The biggest thing for me is how events and quests work. There is the system called pandemic(i may have the name of them wrong) events, where you can walk into a city and watch it get attacked. While watching this happen you will receive a quest to defend the city. Also, this is happening to everyone. You won't save the city just for someone else to save it afterward, it will stayed saved(or destroyed depending on if you succeeded) for other people. They want to get rid of "go kill ten cows" quests. The second biggest is there is no holy trinity(Tank,Healer,DPS). Whatever class you choose to play, you'll be very effective and able to solo the game. That's another cool thing. You don't need to play in large groups or even with anyone at all if that's how you like playing. In my opinion, game play is the sort of thing you need to feel for yourself. (IE: Lots of people love WoW, but when I tried it I didn't think it felt very smooth to me.) These are a few features that will rock. A few pluses: They have wonderful painterly textures if graphics are your thing. Also, Guild Wars, in my opinion, has the nicest and most helpful community. You find a lot of other games have mean, no nubs allowed, attitudes. Although we don't bash on players who aren't as good, i'm not saying GW players aren't very good. We are plenty skilled, just nice. Here's a link to a GW trial: http://www.guildwars.com/freetrial/
  19. Thanks for the info Binjovi. I must have missed those mesmer hints! Whatever they do with it, in sure it'll be awesome! I hope when they say public beta after the closed beta they mean an open one! They probably do
  20. Honesty, I would be happier if they don't bring back the mesmer. It seems uneccessary because it looks like the other classes can easily make up for not having a mesmer. Plus, wouldn't it be fun to have a new, and surprising, class?
  21. ^There will be 8 professions, 7 of which have been revealed. Hopefully the last one catches your interest! It's anyone's guess as to what it'll be though. ArenaNet's lips are sealed...for the time being.^ I'm glad my favorite mmo franchise also happens to not have a subscription! I don't even want to think about a world where GW2 is subscription-based. /shudders
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