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  1. Hey, This is my first attempt at a song, I'm interested in hearing my weaknesses/strengths (mostly weaknesses I'm sure) so I know what to work on, things to change, etc. This version of the song was actually made with the wimpy midi-sequencer on LittleBigPlanet 2 for the PS3 and converted into mp3 format so the quality may not be the best. I've been trying to redo the song in REAPER but I can't really replicate the sound I got on this version so I'd love to hear any criticisms! Thanks! http://db.tt/4aXuDDHK
  2. Hey I just heard your song Drive Hard here. Dang I love it. You've got a way with the tunes :)

  3. Hello! I've always been a fan of the music here that my brother (also a member here) has showed me, just awhile ago I decided I'd finally register and try to get involved. He just introduced me to the basics of some music studio software and I've been following tutorials where I can find to figure what I can. I really love music, the only experience I actually have writing it comes from playing LittleBigPlanet on PS3 that has a weak Midi sequencer in game where I wrote some -- what I thought to be -- decent songs. I got some good feedback in game about what I made there but most players of that game don't have the experience or knowledge most members of this forum do! Hopefully the community here will bolster my enthusiasm in working music and maybe I'll make something stellar someday. ;-)And certainly happy to be here!
  4. Yeah we'll see, REAPER is hard, but I'll probably try something. Anything I make I probably wouldn't be satisfied with enough to post here anyway though.

  5. Hey! You finally made it here! Congrats. If you do get around to getting any songs written up, you should post them in the WIP forums.

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