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  1. This is, hands down, one of my favorite remixes on the site. I'd listened to it probably ten or more times before I even realized it was a medley! Guess I hadn't played F-Zero in a long time, but there it is. It just blends so well. In particular, the post-race music fits in there so well and the way it goes into Mute City at the end is perfect. Normally not a fan of adding vocals, but this wouldn't be right without them. Also, your gf as the announcer is perfect.
  2. Hey, I was wondering if there was any place to get a lossless (or wav?) version of The Flood Plain? Because goddamn I can't stop listening to it, and songs I really enjoy I try to obtain with as little compression as humanly possible. Thanks for sharing the awesomeness.

  3. Just wanted to say that this is in my top five on the entire site. It's in just about any playlist I make, and as others have said, it just grew on me. Helps that I went back and played FFVII again not too long ago, so the original is fresh in my mind. Good stuff, man.
  4. Is there anywhere I can find this in some kind of lower compression/uncompressed format? Because, damn man, this is the shiz.
  5. I actually registered on OCRemix just to leave this comment, and wanted to say that this is, IMHO, hands down the best album on the site. The odd thing is, I don't remember being particularly floored by any of the music in Armored Core, and I've been playing the series since the first one was released on PSX. I just happened to download this on a lark and holy s***, it's amazing. Just grabs you by the balls (or ovaries ) right from the get go. Thank you.
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